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For people who write medieval fantasy, play medieval rpgs, and the people who read or play those worlds. For me, the medieval world is 1066 to 1509, b...

Egotists and AI

After watching a few videos of a supremely egotistical YouTuber (who shall not be named) rattle on incoherently about the use of AI for real art, a new realization has dawned upon me.

1) While the finishing style of such digital illustrations can look nicely rendered, as if by a competent oil painter, those […]

Oh, those faltering skills…

Drawn from a bronze dinosaur in my collection 7 years ago. I still think he’s cute.

Which is to say I had a very active sketchbook practice going back then, and I fell away from it when I turned more to painting. I miss drawing, to be honest. I’m trying to reestablish it in […]

More Miscellaneous Musings

Today Benita and I watched two Agatha Christie movies, Crooked house, and Death on the Nile. Crooked House was excellent and free on Youtube. Glen Close and Jillian Anderson were in it, and it gets high marks.

Death on the Nile was the Kenneth Branagh version, and I’m sad to say it was not […]

Miscellaneous Mumblings

If people post pics with no information on who the artist is, and there is no signature, I’m probably just going to assume the worst. I am not going to take time to do a reverse image search.

Today was a nice day. We watched Star Dust, the pitch perfect Neil Gaiman movie with […]

Thanksgive, TV Review

Thanksgiving is coming to a close, and I have had a lovely day. Benita and I worked on cleaning our downstairs and wore ourselves out. Then we watched a bunch of History in the Making (wonderful show). Our cat has even decided she likes me over the last few days, when previously I thought […]

Figure Drawing

I went to figure drawing studio today, and it was a good experience. Our model was a young man that knew his way around the podium. There were a lot of artists there, so the room got overly full, and that meant getting a good seat was tough, but I’m glad to see the […]

Simulated Realism and Art

I’ve been thinking about imaginative artists (like me) and AI art, and what we have to do if we want outdo simulated realism. By this, I mean the highly rendered, semi-real, semi-oil painted look AI can whip up.

I say simulated reality, because photo real is a thing artists have dabbled in for generations. […]


It’s interesting to me. I always knew I wanted to get into painting, and I flirted with it a few times in the last couple of decades, but could never maintain any sort of momentum.

When I was a kid I got some oil painting lessons. I was probably around age 13 to 16. […]

Gen Con 2023

Benita and I just got back from our one-day visit to Gen Con, and we had a great time. For a Sunday, it was unbelievably busy, and the crowds were thick. As we noted at the time, this was not an ideal place for introverts like us, but we stuck it out. The line […]

Fun Art

Time’s Arrow, yada yada

My mom passed away last Thursday. It was a blessing in a way, because she had been in serious pain for years, and her body was simply shot. I talked with her every day, as as her short-term memory deteriorated sometimes two or three time per day. Now, I keep thinking she’s going to […]

The Aftermath

I don’t know what burnout feels like for most people, but I know how it manifested in me.

I quit drawing for about two years. I quit digital art altogether. I was still doing covers for books here and there, but whenever I approached the computer I was filled with gut-churning dread, and […]