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Updates, Etc.

Hello, Facebook Peeps!

I’ve got Johnny Saturn Unlimited issue 12 uploaded to Comixology. Yes, you can already buy it at Drivethrue and other places, but Comixology has so many hoops to jump through. This is the year that I get all my comics finished and for sale everywhere.

Steven Doty and I are hard at work on Spire City Noir no 2 and 3, and I’m making good progress on finishing up Spire City Noir no. 1 drawn by Les Garner.

Now that City of the Broken Gate is out on Kindle, I’m taking a break from writing to finish up comics. It’s just a shame that my ambitions can be greater than my time or resources. I suppose that puts me in the same boat with everyone else, eh?

Here’s the short list of my current publishing projects:

“City of the Broken Gate”
“Spire City Noir”
“Spire City Noir Anthology”
“Spire City/Johnny Saturn Series Bible”
“Johnny Saturn No 18”
“Johnny Saturn Planar Eclipse”
“Medieval Book of Lists”
“Name of the Shadow”

One of these days I’ll be caught up and I won’t know what to do with myself.

As a little bonus (?), here’s me playing guitar and looking serious:

“City of the Broken Gate” now available on Kindle


They say knowledge is power, but for superheroes Johnny Saturn and Staff of Life knowledge is danger.

An ancient technology has re-emerged, one so powerful it could save the world . . . or destroy it!

One disaster after another has ravaged Spire City, but no one expected it was because the city itself was malfunctioning. Spire City is a danger magnet run amok, but now Johnny Saturn and Staff of Life might have the tools to change that. They have to figure out how to use this primordial alien tech before anyone else does . . . but they have competition. The power-mad Tara Wissenschaft is way ahead of them, and she and her multinational corporation plan to suppress this secret knowledge forever.

Spire City might be the city of the broken gate, but these superheroes are the mechanics!

From invisible robots to underground caverns, to broken heroes and old flames, City of the Broken Gate is a must-read metahuman conspiracy thriller for superhero aficionados everywhere!


You just cannot explain away life’s enduring mysteries. They shrug off all debunking attempts and are resurrected again for every new generation to ponder and debate. But, what if you could get to the objective truth? Enter Johnny Saturn, the hero who died and came back. For him, the great mysteries are open, and definitive explanations are within his reach.

Spire City Noir is like the X-Files vs. Superman, or Spider-Man vs. Stargate SG1.

Groups and Factions in Spire City

Groups, Teams, and Faction

Collective of Champions
Nine Screaming Men
Spire City Police Department
San Andreas Sentinel
International Society of Metahumans
Vigilante Association of America
Squadron Premiere

  • Pre-War in Heaven
    1. Utopian
    2. Staff of Life
    3. Hotfoot
    4. Tilt
    5. Madame Fishnet
  • Post War in Heaven
    1. Utopian
    2. Staff of Life
    3. Hotfoot
    4. Tilt
  • Post DHS Takeover
    1. Utopian
    2. Tilt
  • Post Private Sector
    1. Utopian
    2. Staff of Life
    3. Hotfoot
    4. Tilt

Charlie Blockers
The Scavengers

  • Leaders
    1. Vox Malaise
    2. Ventilator Angel
  • Major
    1. Tripartite
    2. Tapeworm
  • Foot Soldiers
    1. En Camera

The Iron Brigade

  • General
    1. Tactical
  • Captains
    1. Alaric the Axe/the Hammer
    2. Skorn
    3. Lacerator
    4. Warmonger
  • Foot Soldiers/Sergeants
    1. Triops
    2. En Camera

The Star Cabal