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For people who write medieval fantasy, play medieval rpgs, and the people who read or play those worlds. For me, the medieval world is 1066 to 1509, b...


Scott Story Bio PicScott Story is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist who lives in the Midwestern USA. He has been involved in the comic industry since 1992, and webcomics since 2004. He has drawn comics for dozens of publishers including Image, Amp, Arrow, Digital Webbing, Arcana, Spinner Rack Comics, and many others.  His current focus is writing new material and marketing the material he has already created or contributed to.

As the creative director of Story Studios LLC., he has published three graphic novels, seventeen comics, a sketchbook, and a pinup book. He has written articles for Blueline Pro’s Sketch Magazine, and prose stories for print anthologies and the web. His webcomic, Johnny Saturn, was a past winner of the Webcomics Readers Choice Awards, and Scott was a speaker at the prestigious Graphic Engagement academic conference hosted by the Purdue University Comparative Literature Program.

Scott was the creator and a founding member of the highly successful Collective of Heroes, a juried collective of indie superhero webcomics.


Amp Comics
Arcana Comics
Arrow Comics
Baron &Friends,Massachusetts
Blue Line Productions
Consona Corporation
Coscom Entertainment
Digital Webbing Presents
Graphic Smash
Image Comics
King Comics
Laura Reske Design
Lou B. Industries
Murphy &Company,P.C.
Newbreed Comics
Nifty Comics
Politically Incorrect Games nka Precis Intermedia
Powerful Press nka Rogue Wolf Entertainment
PSI Cynergy
Rorschach Entertainment
Spinners and Weavers of Indiana Fibers and Textiles (aka S.W.I.F.T.)
Sourwine Real Estate Services
Trading Post For Fiber Arts,The . . .
Upton’s Professional All Breed Dog Training and Boarding
Valiant Dead Films
Warrior Inkeeper