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Updates, Etc.

Hello, Facebook Peeps!

I’ve got Johnny Saturn Unlimited issue 12 uploaded to Comixology. Yes, you can already buy it at Drivethrue and other places, but Comixology has so many hoops to jump through. This is the year that I get all my comics finished and for sale everywhere.

Steven Doty and I are hard at work on Spire City Noir no 2 and 3, and I’m making good progress on finishing up Spire City Noir no. 1 drawn by Les Garner.

Now that City of the Broken Gate is out on Kindle, I’m taking a break from writing to finish up comics. It’s just a shame that my ambitions can be greater than my time or resources. I suppose that puts me in the same boat with everyone else, eh?

Here’s the short list of my current publishing projects:

“City of the Broken Gate”
“Spire City Noir”
“Spire City Noir Anthology”
“Spire City/Johnny Saturn Series Bible”
“Johnny Saturn No 18”
“Johnny Saturn Planar Eclipse”
“Medieval Book of Lists”
“Name of the Shadow”

One of these days I’ll be caught up and I won’t know what to do with myself.

As a little bonus (?), here’s me playing guitar and looking serious:

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