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Here’s What I’ve Got in the Works…

Hi, Folks:

Today, I re-uploaded “Johnny Saturn Unlimited” no.’s 12 through 17 to Comixology. The first time I did them I processed the PDFs wrong, it appears.  I’ll let you know when these issues go on sale. I like Comixology comics for the guided view technology they provide.

Next up, the print version of “City of the Broken Gate.” I’ve got some black n’ white interior illustrations to make, and a spine and back cover.

Then, “Spire City Noir” no. 1. I have the art half colored at this point.

After that, I’m going to package the Kindle and Comixology versions of our three graphic novels, “Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father,” “Johnny Saturn: Homeland Insecurity,” and “Johnny Saturn: Intelligent Redesign.”

I wish I had been able to do all this as I went along, but for years I was trapped in “keeping the webcomic updated” spiral. It’s a great relief to have put that behind me.

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