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Short Blog Post

Today has been a bit give or take. I was going to color more comic pages, and I realized I left the hard drive in the glove department of my car. My car is in the shop getting some work done. Ooops. So, it’s other work today. That’s OK–I’ve got plenty to do.

Other updates:

1) I fell off a ladder at work, fell about 10′ feet and dislocated my left shoulder, cut my flank, bruised myself up pretty good, and (worst) bruised my ribs on the left side. Ouch. I was able to get my left arm to pop back into socket, luckily.

(Yes, I am very clumsy. I have to slow down and take things more careful.)

2) Getting my car worked on is a real financial hit. Ouch. Hurts more than the dislocated shoulder.

3) I am working very hard in the free time I have to finish up all my current creative projects. I am feeling a powerful urge to begin a new project, but I am holding off until I can get the other stuff off the table. It’s frustrating, but . . .

4) I really miss drawing comics. Miss it bad. But, unless things change around here I just don’t have the time to devote to it anymore. It urks me to know my skills are going stale and my self-esteem about it is dripping away, but we only get one life to live and I’m doing the most I can right now. We’ll see what the future holds.

5) Blah blah blah. My spirits could use a booster. I’m going outside in a minute to work on the house, so maybe the sun and it’s vitamin D rays will help raise my mood.

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