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Updates, Comments, etc.

1) Ingram has changed its websites and options. For those who don’t know, Ingram is the largest book distributer in the world. Once I managed to log into my account, I was pleased with the new tools they offer publishers. The additional metadata the require will help sell the book, and the uploading process is much easier than it used to be.

2) When I look at the artwork of artists of much greater skill than my own, I am not jealous or envious. I am in awe, and inspired to do better. Looking at fantastic artwork somehow elevates me, makes me feel like I can accomplish more with my own work. Yes, I would love to have the world-class skill some of these great artists exhibit, but I am not in competition with them. Their work does not invalidate my own vision and expression.

3) I just got the penciled pages and script to our new inker for our story “The Black Zeppelin,” written by me and drawn by Steven Doty. I’m not going to drop the inker’s  name until he gets going and everything is worked out, but I have a good feeling about this fellow.

4) After a fair amount of tribulation, I’ve got “City of the Broken Gate” uploaded to Lightning Source, an arm of Ingram’s that specializes in printing. I’m still waiting on an e-proof to approve, so I’m not over the finish line yet, but I am much closer now. It has taken all day to get everything right, but now I both have a headache and feel satisfied.

5) I had meant to do some more promotional work today, and maybe I yet will, but first I need a short break.

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