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Media, all is Media . . .

I can’t tell if my thoughts are really concise and regimented, or unusually fragmented and piecemeal. Whatever your view on this, that’s just the way I think. I usually have multiple levels of internal discourse going on, but I think the primary function of that is to keep me from going crazy from boredom while I’m engaged in the necessary duties of “real” life. I suppose that’s what they call “living with my head in the clouds”, or being a “daydreamer.”

  • I ordered my first physical copies of “City of the Broken Gate” today, and they should be here in about five days, give or take. This is exciting for me. I’ve seen my stories and articles published in anthology books and magazines by other publishers, but I’ve never seen a whole prose book by me in print. (Yes, I’ve seen graphic novels published by me, but that’s kind of a different thing, isn’t it? Yeah.)
  • I also ordered some copies of “Johnny Saturn: Intelligent Redesign” as part of that same order, both to sell to people in real life, and to provide copies to the fine gentlemen who wrote my forward and afterward.
  • I see that the negative reviews for “Suicide Squad” are rolling in. I’ll make up my own mind, thank you very much. It looks epic, at least based on its trailers, and I’ll watch it with the expectation of being entertained. Despite the drubbing that “Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice” took, I enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the director’s cut BvS, and I suspect it will be even better.
  • The “Silmarillion” is being made into two movies and a cable TV show? Really? OK. The executive producer is Peter Jackson. The article described the book as the “beloved classic.” I’ve met few Tolkien fans who have really read it, and no one who has called it “beloved.” After the thorough padding Jackson stuffed into the Hobbit trilogy, I think he needs redemption. Having said that, after his incredibly masterful adaptation of the “Lord of the Rings,” Peter Jackson can produce crap for the rest of his life and still be beloved for the LoTR. That’s my opinion, anyway.
  • I’ve been watching “Penny Dreadful,” and I’m almost done with season two. The Gothic show is darker than dark, and more or less about the monsters we all carry with us in life. Somewhat like the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” in premise, it is written wonderfully with a dark, poetic, delicious tone, its characterizations are multileveled and nuanced, its sets beautifully designed and convincing, and its casting is brilliant. I could say more, and probably will, but what a show! Don’t watch it if you are easily offended.
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