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“City of the Broken Gate” now available on Kindle


They say knowledge is power, but for superheroes Johnny Saturn and Staff of Life knowledge is danger.

An ancient technology has re-emerged, one so powerful it could save the world . . . or destroy it!

One disaster after another has ravaged Spire City, but no one expected it was because the city itself was malfunctioning. Spire City is a danger magnet run amok, but now Johnny Saturn and Staff of Life might have the tools to change that. They have to figure out how to use this primordial alien tech before anyone else does . . . but they have competition. The power-mad Tara Wissenschaft is way ahead of them, and she and her multinational corporation plan to suppress this secret knowledge forever.

Spire City might be the city of the broken gate, but these superheroes are the mechanics!

From invisible robots to underground caverns, to broken heroes and old flames, City of the Broken Gate is a must-read metahuman conspiracy thriller for superhero aficionados everywhere!


You just cannot explain away life’s enduring mysteries. They shrug off all debunking attempts and are resurrected again for every new generation to ponder and debate. But, what if you could get to the objective truth? Enter Johnny Saturn, the hero who died and came back. For him, the great mysteries are open, and definitive explanations are within his reach.

Spire City Noir is like the X-Files vs. Superman, or Spider-Man vs. Stargate SG1.

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