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Merry Christmas

I began an account on Threads because a friend told me it was a good place for networking. I’m there as storyscotta, I believe, should you wish to connect with me. It’s like a mix of what Twitter was years ago and Instagram. It’s nice and clean.

For Christmas I got these human figures to draw, they are Phicen 1/6 scale with stainless steel frames and some sort of latex for the body. Very impressive, and while not as flexible as a superhero or yoga master they are still very poseable. I got an athletic girl and a very fit guy.

The funny thing is the guy’s head is clearly Henry Cavill. No problem. There are also a variety of hands to pick from. The funny and unexpected part was the figure came with two detached phalluses you can use. Use for what I’m not sure. There’s an erect one, and a flacid one. Likewise, the instructions in the box proclaim that this is not a sex toy–at 1/6th scale I don’t want to dwell on why that disclaimer was included.

I will only say that mini-Henry Cavill has nothing to be concerned about from me. I got him (and his girlfriend) for legitimate artistic use. No weird hanky panky here.

I also got a new Lightbox, some Daniel Smith watercolors, and some acrylic qouache paint. I’ll report more on these once I use them. I have always been wary of of gouache, but from what I read the acrylic stuff is more lightfast.

I just got back from Godzilla Minus One. My hot take review is this–great movie! Beautiful cinematography, great period piece (mid 1940’s), Oscar worthy performances, excellent special effects, the soundscape was great. Yep. A Godzilla movie for the ages. Am I overhyping it in my excitement? Maybe. I’m sure a hardcore Godzilla fan would find something to dislike. Super impressive movie about human resilience. This is all made much more impressive in that it came in with a budget of only fifteen million dollars! Compared to monster budget Hollywood movies that aren’t as good, that’s amazing.

Merry Christmas!

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