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The Book Proof is Here!

I got the proof of my art book today, and it looks amazing! Color is fantastic, everything is great! I’m going to approve it and should be available quite soon. I was surprised how big 8.5″ x 11″ was. It’s the largest thing of its kind I’ve ever published.

Last night I watched Shin Godzilla. I didn’t think I’d like it, and I was wrong. It was more a movie about the government’s inability to deal with disasters than about monsters. The characters were likable. It was a different take on the big ol’ beast, but I was cool with that.

I’m looking at Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Artist Edition. The dialogue is very patronizing to women, by our standards, and very over-the-top Shakespearian. The art, though, is explosive. I don’t know of anyone today who serves up Kirby action, to be honest. It’s absolute magic, I guess.

I watched the first episode of an animated show called Pantheon. It’s grim, and the voice acting is serious and not like all that chirpy anime that flies around. The ideas were heavy, and I can tell it’s a conceptual cousin of Altered Carbon in its plot.

I also watched the first episode of Reacher, season 2. I was unsure whether to watch it, but I ended up being magnetically glued to the screen. I lost interest in the whole strong man vigilante thing about eight years back. You know the type of story–a big white guy who’s the best at what he does busting into multileveled problem and pummeling everything into shape, saving the day with violence? Yeah that type. Still, I enjoyed this episode, and I was both entertained and disappointed in myself.

Pope Francis’ tacit approval of gay unions, as long as they don’t look like marriage, is interesting. Yes, it’s a huge step forward for that dysfunctional institution, but it’s also weak sauce. Is it a foot in the door for gay marriage? Maybe. Now it’s time to have women priests and let priests get married. I realize these things move very slowly. I don’t have a horse in the race, because I am neither Catholic nor gay, but fair is fair.

Should I talk about the Schumer amendment? Nah, I’ll save that for a little further down the road.

As a side note, after I go to the chiropractor tomorrow, I’m going to go see Godzilla Minus One. I can’t wait!

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