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Have a More Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I had planned to get up and hang shelving in my computer studio. We’ve put this project aside so many times that it’s graduated to the level of an “emotional obstacle.” Turns out I’m tired, and maybe a little down. Nothing to worry about. I guess I’m missing my Mom.

Part of it is that I brought my art book to a very satisfying conclusion, and while the promotion continues in 2024, it’s done. I always have a mini-crisis when I finish a huge project.There’s an emotional void left till I dig into a new project.

I’ve got some things I’m formulating for 2024, but nothing set yet.

I’ve been watching Steve Shippy’s Gratiot street episodes on Patreon, and I feel like he’s gotten himself back into good form. The first three episodes have been telling. That man has admirable energy and enthusiasm for what he does.

I’ve been reading through Gil Kane’s Amazing Spider-Man’s Artist Edition, and I’m floored by how good these are. Gil always had a super recognizable art style, and the storytelling is spot on, the pacing is just right, and the energy in those drawings and action scenes is atomic. So good. The inks are by Frank Giacoia and John Romita. Their lines are simple and heavy by today’s standard, but perfect for early 70’s Marvel action. The words by Stan Lee, Gerry Conway, and Roy Thomas had a good narrative flow in this period, and I dare say the ring true in a way that a lot of their 60’s material did not.

Why do I avoid social commentary, political narratives, and religion on my posts? So many good reasons. First, many of you will disagree with me and my views–that’s fine, because this is still a free country, and opposing views can boil down to future agreements. Plus, no one ever changed someones’s mind for the better with online ranting.

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