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Keywords, Fringe, Media, and Guided View

Hello, Most Excellent Readers!

I’m taking advantage of one of my days off today, and getting a bunch of things finished or (in some cases) begun.


Johnny Saturn: Intelligent Redesign

On this graphic novel, I’ve finished the Guided View Kindle edition, and I’ve already uploaded to Drivethrucomics thisĀ  morning. I’ve got ths edition uploaded but not yet published on, because I’m letting the wonderful application known as Kindle Samurai sort through potential keywords. Keywords are important because they help people find the book with organic searching.

After much consideration, here are the keywords I’ve arrived at:

Corporate Espionage
Crystal Skull
Domestic Terrorism
Fallen Hero
Manic Depressive
Pseudo Science

I’ve been living with this book for the past week as I’ve gotten it ready for publication, and I fell in love with it all over. Is it OK to love our own books? I sure hope so. Most of the time we spend so much time with our creations that they become sort of background noise to the creator, all but invisible in a way. Enough time has passed since I last worked on Intelligent Redesign that I was able to re-discover it much as a reader would. It is a truly satisfying, cathartic reading experience. The guided view presentation is just awesome, as always.


Spire City Noir 2: The Black Dirigible

Me, Steven Doty (penciler), and Mike Vlasity (inker) have been hard at work on this project for a long time, but we are really close to pulling the first issue together. After some discussion, we decided that the story would be better as two normal sized issues rather than one oversized one. In any case, it’s time for the lettering and coloring to commence. As far as drawing and inking, we have 17 out of the 20 interior pages of the first issue done.


What Media Am I Consuming?

After finished up Marvel’s Iron Fist, I was ready for some time off from fiction. That led to -binge watching documentaries. I’ve watched specials on UFO’s, World War II, Steven Greer and C-Seti, Sacred Geometry, Conspiracy Theory, Noah’s Arc, and Declassified Government Documents that contain some mind-blowing information. Last night I listened to a radio broadcast about the United States Pentagon’s ongoing use of soldiers with psychic ability for information gathering. I was surprised to find out that these kind of operation are rooted inĀ  experiments from World War II, and these mostly secret programs continue to this day.

(From what I’ve gleened, our government gave up trying to keep UFOs and the paranormal secret decades ago, and let public disclosure soft-peddle its way into popular knowledge through Freedom of Information Requests. It sounds like the government doesn’t care who knows what, especially since it is only a fringe element of society that really cares.)

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