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Publishing News!

Hello, Brave Readers!

It is I, Scott, here with news of heroic publishing and daring do!

I just hit the “publish” button on’s Kindle book listing of “Johnny Saturn: Intelligent Redesign.” It warns that it takes about 72 hours to post, and longer than that to get matched up with its print edition. It’s hard to be patient! I want it available now!

And, available it is, on Drivethru Comics! It is published as a PDF, a CBZ, and now a beautiful guided-view Kindle mobi file. It sure looks pretty, popping by frame by frame, on the backlighted and oh-so-high resolution Kindle Fire!







In other news, “Spire City Noir: Hauntings” has waited in line at Comixology for a while, and it should be up for sale on April 26. Like all Comixology comics, this will be in guided-view format.

Have a great week! Scott




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