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Miscellaneous Errata

Hello, Friends!

I like to keep you up with my creative pursuits, but this has been a week without much of that. Work has been physically challenging, and I’ve been doing things I didn’t think my muscles were capable of, but it has left me worn out. Having said that, I do cram a lot into my day off every week. Today, for example, I finished a commission for a customer, painted with alcohol markers, and prepped three canvases for future acrylic painting. (By “prepping,” I gesso, sand, gesso again, sand, etc. Then, I kill the white by putting down a neutral base color.) Now I’m blogging, and later I will be working on keywords for my graphic novels.

I’m  doing my best to stay off my feet, because I wear my legs out every day, and leg and foot pain can be . . . considerable. Strangely enough, those same legs look like weight lifter legs these days! Yesterday, for example, I walked 16,00 steps, being nearly seven miles walked, and did 33 sets of stair cases. No wonder my legs hurt!

I want to draw your attention to a Kickstarter that my good friend A.P. Fuchs is involved in. A.P. has been a close ally of mine in the indie publishing world for many years, and his influence can be felt through many of my of creative projects, and visa versa. He’s done writing and edits for me, and I’ve done covers for him, and it’s a partnership backed up by real friendship. So, please check out his Kickstarter!

I finished the script to issue 2 of Spire City Noir, aka the beginning of the epic “The Black Dirigible.” This story will take two issues to tell, and it’s a mix of actual UFO lore from the 19th century, as well as time travel, shadow people, steampunk, and of course my characters from the Saturnverse and Spire City. Johnny Saturn doesn’t make an appearance, but the Utopian, Staff of Life, and Hotfoot share the spotlight, as well as a bunch of new characters. If you like the mix of history, mythology, paranormal, conspiracy, and genre literature that I usually create, then you will love “The Black Dirigible.”

Recently I’ve been studying why we cannot remember whatever we see in detail and simply draw it from memory. Kim Jung Gi seems to be able to do this, for example. I’m pretty sure Michelangelo and Jack Kirby had this ability as well, and I strongly suspect Gene Colan had a serious measure of it. Well, here is the article that finally made it all clear for me. I draw most of my pictures in this way, using my memory as sort of a live reference, although I am not comparing my skill level to that of people who have this anomalous skill in full. What Kim Jung Gi does is virtually a super power. Check him out here and here, and prepare to have your mind blown.

I finished watching Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix, and I’m sorry to say that my opinion expressed in my last blog post has not changed. It’s a shame.

Also on Netflix, I have been watching Unsealed Alien Files. These cover a lot of well-trodden space, yet each episode also has some updates with new information I had not heard before. It is clear to me that the religion of Ufology is alive and well. Why do I call it a religion? Because it’s a collection of interrelated narratives that survive through the believer’s faith. More on this in the future.

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