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Greetings, Salutations, Hola, Hello, Hi

Hey You, It’s Me–Yo!

Greetings from the great Midwest, the home of overly entitled and yet strangely polite people.

In the past, I would have written reviews of movies I’d recently seen, such as Wonder Woman (extremely good) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2(also extremely good).  I’d have shared my thoughts about the writing, the sets, the color palettes, the camera work, the costumes, and so forth.

I’m not going to do so.

I have come to the conclusion that the movies and television shows I watch are in fact not the same ones that other people watch and comment on. These other film critiques on the web can sum up their opinions into one or two words. The movie in question was shabby, the studio didn’t even try, shit, crap; and that the movie studios in question blew it, called it in, cashed in, or the like. I don’t need to make complete lists of these descriptions–you’ve probably read them before, and maybe made them yourselves.

I take care and actively watch films. I care about the writers’ choices, the work of unseen artists like set designers, costumers, foley, music scores, etc. I don’t see a movie and forget it. I remember it for years, and I think about it for a long time. I don’t issue blanket statements, because I know there were real people who really cared about the product they were making. These people thought long and hard about the creative decisions they made, and they did their best to make good movies based upon the resources they had at hand. People cared, so I care too.

Okay, let’s change the subject.

I’ve noticed that more and more people have left reviews for my books on Amazon. God bless you, you have paid me in greater currency than simply spending money for my works. You are my friends, and I owe you a debt of gratitude.


But, what if you read one or more of my books and didn’t leave a review? For that matter, what if you read any indie creator’s works and remained silent?

I’m not going to shame you. In fact, before I learned how much reviews mean for indie writers, I often read books and didn’t leave reviews. I was that guy. Well, my point is this: if you enjoyed a writer’s work and want them to be able to keep writing books and make more stories, then write reviews. Even just a few lines, like “this kicks ass!” or “wow, I can’t wait for more!” I guarantee that new potential readers who are on the fence about purchasing a book read some or all of the reviews. Reviews make a difference.

Well enough of that. I wrote it, you read it, that’s enough.

Change of subject…

Yesterday (Saturday 6-24-17) Benita and I went to the Indiana Fiddler’s Gathering in northern Indiana. We’ve always had a good time there, and this year we had a fantastic time. All music festivals are not created equal, but this one was wonderful. The weather was perfect, and the bands were truly entertaining and a joy to hear.

While it is called the Indiana Fiddler’s Gathering, the bands included all forms of acoustic stringed instruments, or at least the most common instruments in American music. There were violins, guitars, ukuleles, mountain dulcimers, mandolins, five-string banjos, cellos, and basses. As far as the variety of music went, it was a mix of bluegrass, folk, classic country, Irish, blues, jazz, and a few other flavors as well. My favorite musician of the day was Bing Futch, a great singer, virtuosic mountain dulcimer player, and a nice guy to hang around and talk to. I plan on digging into his long catalog of recordings. I may have highlighted Bing, but all the acts were good.

Had enough? Me too. Signing out until next time–Scott

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