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Hanging Out With The Cat

Hey, Folks:

After lovely July 3 spent with my even more lovely wife, Benita, I’m now settled into my easy chair for the evening with my cat, Dylan. Pollen is floating through the air freely here in Central Indiana, so said feline is breathing and weezing loudly. For those who do not remember, this cat has had severe breathing issues from the beginning of his his wee little kitty life. Well, now he’s a big ol’ Tom, but you get the idea. He sounds like a frog, but I love him dearly.

I just picked up a book on the art and life of Alfredo Alcala, a supremely talented Philippine artist who inked some truly wicked lines over John Buscema’s work in Savage Sword of Conan.

SSoC was a black-n-white magazine formatted comic, and Alcala truly made color superfluous. Check out the linework! Damn.

Today at the antique mall in Westfield Indiana, I picked up four comics published by Atlas in 1975. The titles aren’t all that important, but it struck me how much like Bronze Age Marvel comics they were. Published by Chip Goodman, son of one-time Marvel publisher Martin Goodman; and helmed by Larry Lieber, Stan Lee’s little brother, this short-lived line of comics was made up of x-Marvel Bullpen artists including Gary Friedrich and Steve Ditko, among others. Atlas attempt to bully their way onto the comic scene with lots of money and high-priced talent reminds me now a little of Crossgen comics. Still, 37 years later, these Atlas comics still look pretty good.

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