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Greetings, Friends, Colleagues, and Random Witnesses:

My name is Scott Angus Story, and I’m an indie writer, illustrator, cartoonist, and all-around rapscallion. I’ve drawn comics for lots of publishers, done lots of freelance illustrations for a zillion customers, and I also write novels and short stories. You can go to this blog’s link page and fine out more about me than you could want to know, or at least what I’ve done and for who. It’s been a busy couple of decades.

Here’s what I’ve got going as I write this:

  1. Me and my small team of collaborators (Steven P. Doty and Mike Vlasaty) are hard at work on issues 2 and 3 of the comic series “Spire City Noir.” We are creating a standalone tale called the Black Dirigible. It’s cool, and we are making good progress.
  2. I’m busy revising an anthology of Johnny Saturn short stories. Most of these have never been published. This project may get finished sooner than some of my others. Since Spire City Noir has already been taken by a comic series I write, I’m undetermined on the prose anthology’s title.
  3. I am hard at work plotting a novel that, while not a sequel, will be next in chronology after “The City of the Broken Gate.” It’s unofficial working title is “Time and the Tesseract Mystery,” but that is bound to be replaced.

Since anyone who reads my stuff knows I dig zeppelins, here’s a video I just ran across:

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