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3D Progress

I’m aware that my fascination with learning 3D art is off the beaten trail of what I normally write about, but heck, it’s all me, and it’s all about our characters.

So, I’m trying to adapt my art style to my 3D work. And, as you might guess, my standard “hero” figure is also my work to achieve a look for Greg Buchanan.

Here’s my initial drawings for what Greg should look like after the last book:









This resulted in in this 3D extrapolation










And then these resulted in this rather ugly morph for Genesis 8 in Daz Studio









So, for round 2, I came up with this modified drawing. It’s essentially the first drawings, but rearranged with Photoshop’s Liquify tool.









From drawing, I got these 3D images in Facegen Pro.









This, imported into Daz3 as a morph, gave me this much more acceptable base face:









So, it’s not perfect yet, and it’s not Greg, but it’s closer. I think the next iteration will capture him.

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