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Things On My Mind

This has been a pleasant weekend in that I’ve gotten to work on several of my projects. Yesterday, for example, I put hours of work into the “Black Dirigible,” lettering, designing, and so forth, only to realize that there is a page missing out of the batch. Yikes!

Today, I arranged my notes for “The Apex Killers,” the novel I had to leave off a few months ago and was never able to restart. It’s confusing to try to work my way back into that mess, let me assure you! Still, I can do it. This project centers around superheroes, vampires, corporate malfeasance, human trafficking, and a heavy overlay of immoral conduct of all sorts. When the villains are the good guys, then just how truly rotten are the bad guys?

I also played more with my 3D art obsession, going further on my creation of a 3D Greg Buchanan. Here’s an example.

Veterin 3D artists will know instantly that I’m at the bottom of the learning curve here, and that’s okay. One problem is that his hair is poking through his ear, and another is that I have not been able to paint his temples prematurely gray yet. It will happen, though. I’m patient.

I’ve also been learning how to use the program Hexagon, and I’ve made progress but I’m a painful newbie at this. Google Sketchup it is not!

Here’s what’s coming for me in 2019, and maybe a little in 2018. After a long absence from self-promotion, I’m about to enter a new promotional period where nothing is off limits.  I’m going to be visiting comic and book shops, doing signings, making posters, and publishing a lot of new material. I have a business plan worked out, and I know what I’ll be doing in what order.

I’m planning on doing a comic show here and there, maybe some author days at libraries, and developing my own distribution route. I won’t necessarily be doing it all on my own, either. If other creators and entrepreneurs decide to partner with me, that will be great. I’ve been involved in various forms of comic promotion for a long time, and I believe I have an interesting, bottom up strategy that will bear out results for small publishers like myself. This will be aimed at buyers of comics, books, and collectables.

In this age of self-publishing, the small publisher is not curtailed by a lack of options, but by a deluge of options for everybody. With all those people out there hawking their wares, how does one get their voice heard? How does one find their loyal, niche audience? More on this as it develops.

I have to be at work early, so that’s it for me this evening.


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