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Personal Digest of Digital Dalliance


I’m beginning to come up with some very intriguing ideas for the distribution and sale of indie comics, prose novels, and art books. it’s fair to say that I may actually be coming up with a new business model. More as this develops.



Maybe it’s the weather, but I’ve felt like a complete pretender and fake today. I’m battling that by drinking a lot of water (good for fighting off the onset of depression) and jumping back into the writing project that I had to put on hold a couple of months ago.

I figure it’s better to take the proverbial bull by the horns than wallow around in self-doubt.



All right, cool new computer… Now to download and install all my regular apps. No problem, right?



All righty, in no particular order, I have installed Daz3d, Hexagon, Flame Painter, Open Office, Kindle Comic Creator, Kapersky Total Protection, Sculptris, Mesh Mixer, Daz Content Cataloger Easy, Daz Installer, and my Intuos tablet.

That’s a goog head start, I think. Lots more to come tomorrow.



After years of grousing about it, I just made the leap and am downloading a subscription (shudder!) to Adobe Photoshop CC. I haven’t even reloaded Clip Studio Paint yet, but I assure you I still love CSP. But, will Photoshop regain my love? Can it? Will it?

We shall see . . .



Installing Clip Studio Ex again involved many hoops to jump through. Yeesh. I understand that these applications can be abused by pirates, but gracious it make it hard on the rest of us.

I got all my purchesed 3rd part brushes reinstalled, but now have to re-find all my free brushes and transfer my own brushes back over.

The actual download of Photoshop is going to wait till this evening, because it’s like a six hour download.

It’s going to take me all week to get all my 3d assets re-installed. But, look at the bright side–I am fortunate to have so many 3D assets to use.

I am looking forward fondly to the point that I can make professional grade 3d assets myself. It’s coming.



Had a lovely day with my family today, being Mom, Missy, and Floyd. Very nice Easter.

Downloading FaceGen Pro, and kind of excited about that.

Photoshop looks different! It’s begging me to personalize it and bring over all my preferences.

Clip Studio Pain ne’ Manga Studio Ex 5 seems to have downloaded the wrong version–must figure this out!

Found brushes I had purchased and forgot to ever install, both for Clip Studio and Photoshop. Goody!

I’ve gained a little weight this week, so that means it’s time to batten down the hatches and get shipshape, counting my calories again. Don’t want to lose all this progress I’ve made!

Daz3D is running a sale today, and I got a great deal on some stuff.

I need to finish the Black Dirigible, then it’s time to put my new business plan into action. It’s daunting but doable.

Yes, I really do think in bullet points.

Happy Easter everyone!

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