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This Week, Jan 20 2020

Hello, my fine friends! It’s a new week, and there is a lot of fun stuff going on. First up, Benita and I have a new video:

This project was really fun, and it was a whole load of effort! We are working on the flooring video now, and we are both sore! We plan to keep these videos coming as we delve further into medieval history.

I began putting my notes together yesterday researching another series I’m making for Youtube. We are still hashing out the details, but it’s going to be around artist appreciation. More on this as it develops.

I sent my first four columns off to Bob Hickey yesterday for Shoutfyre. I make a pretty strong start, and I look forward to promoting them as they open up for business. I already have four more columns in the oven! After more than two decades in the indie comic field, I’ve got a lot to write about.

Story Studios presents Changing of the Guard is up for sale in the Kindle store on Amazon, but I have not promoted it much yet because I don’t have the print version available yet. Time caught up with me, interrupting my learning curve on formatting, so I hired the ever-skilled A.P. Fuchs to do my formatting this time around. It’s all coming together quite soon, and that’s when the official launch for the book happens.

I’ve been watching the Witcher sporadically. I’m four episodes in, and I’m digging it. The chronology is confusing and hard to suss out, to be honest, because the show jumps around in time a lot. I guess you could say there are lots of long, flashback story arcs, but nothing in the show to indicate that time frames have shifted. I can live with that, I guess. The costuming is gorgeous, and Henry Cavill seems born for the role.

I’m busy reading the first book of the Song of Fire and Ice, that being A Game of Thrones. It reads beautifully. Since the book is so long, I didn’t expect the actual prose itself to be so tight and propulsive, but it is. So far, I can see that the early episodes of the TV series stuck to the book pretty closely. I’m happy with my choice to pick this series up.

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