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Assorted Commentary

Good morning, all my friends, fresh, foul, and furtive!

Yesterday I was quite saddened to learn of the passing of Terry Jones. Much has been made of his Monte Python association, and well it should. I grew up on that show, as did so many other people in my generation. It, Bennie Hill, and the Goodies were my introduction to British humor and absurdity. In more recent times, I connected with Jones on his books and television series on Medieval Lives. These were educational and entertaining, spiced with the Mr. Jones’ peculiar wit. R.I.P., Terry Jones.

Last night I took my second blacksmith class at the Indianapolis Art Center. My fellow students and the instructor Erik Shotwell are all very pleasant and fun to be around. Again, I learned a lot.

There are a few takeaways in it for me. First, I need to slow down a little bit, and stop competing with other students, and not show off. I’m a quick learner, but this is still a new medium for me, and no one expects me to be an instant prodigy. I judge my progress a little harshly sometimes. I need to remember that slow and steady is the key to proficiency.

Sorry I haven’t posted art lately. I’ve made it, for sure, but its all been of the research and note taking type, and meant more to focus my thoughts than be finished pieces of work.

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