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This and That.

Benita saw my Youtube history, full of weird stuff, painting, guitar stuff, and body painting. Her comment was “you sure like the female form.” All I said was, “well, yeah.” I’m an artist. It’s part of the job description. My favorite body paint artist is Roustan. Check his stuff out on Youtube.

So, I joined an unnamed FB group for a day that was devoted to really free thinkers. Way out there stuff. Cool. I’m kind of way out there, too. As it turned out, this was flat earther-level way out. This was stating that sugar-loaf mountains and plateaus were all giant tree trunks. It was extreme and coming in hot and heavy. I quit the group a few hours ago.

There, I was exposed to Tarteria. This is a fringe conspiracy theory that claims there was an aryan, blue-eyed red-haired race that ruled the entire world until the 19th century, then a cataclysm of mud floods came and wiped out the entire culture. All the fancy buildings, like state houses and New York skyscrapers, were in fact Tartarian, and much older than we think they are, and every building built since then was made in the Brutalist style. There are a lot more levels to this narrative, but you can look it up or ignore it at your own leisure.

Also, they claim that we used to have world-wide free energy on a Tesla level, and that’s what all the zeppelin masts and lightning rods were for. Or, something like that.

I’m not making fun. I think it has more to do with otherwise curious minds not having the education or discernment to know better.

I’m up through episode 9 of Monarch Legacy of Monsters. My assessment stays the same–good show, good plot lines, good actors, etc. Having Kurt and Wyatt Russel play the same character in different periods is great!

Having said that, I just see no similarity between MLoM and the Monsterverse movies. MLoM is plot driven, with character studies and backstories. The movies aren’t much like that. The human stories seem like filler between monster action.

Having said that, out of 9 episodes of MLoM I bet there is about 12-15 minutes of monster time total. Godzilla v. Kong, on the other hand, was a popcorn movie that ignored physics and spent little time on the characters. I loved it for what it was, mind you.

Having seen recent Toho additions to the mix, such as Tokyo SOS, Shin Godzilla, and Godzilla Minus One, it goes without saying that their version of kaiju strikes an altogether different tone. I like Shin Godzilla, and love G-1.

I guess the lesson here is that Godzilla is a durable enough character that he can excel in many different versions.

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