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This morning was interesting. After eight or so years, I went back to a hearing specialist. I didn’t want to go, but I knew it would make Benita happy, so I did.

As far as my hearing goes, my ability to hear bass sound is not too different than a normal person’s range. My ability to hear higher pitches is 50% reduced on my right side, and 70% reduced on the left side.

The technology is vastly different now. Instead of modes and incomprehensible codes to control them, all through a tiny button on each hearing aid, all that has been replaced by AI that makes adjustments for you 50 times an hour (or minute–I can’t remember). You put them on and they work. Plus, no more little fiddly batteries–wireless recharge is the thing. I can control the hearing aids from an app on my phone, which is nice. And, I can instantly hear better.

I got home where it’s quiet–I thought it was quiet.. My pants were making a noise that took me a while to figure out. The wind-up clock sounded like… well, I have trouble putting it into words. The air humidifiers sounded like airplanes taking off.

The smart AI is designed to make clanking, confusing sounds (that otherwise make me nervous and jittery) fade away in favor of important sounds.

It is my fervent hope that this time using hearing aids is better than my previous experience.

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