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Thanksgive, TV Review

Thanksgiving is coming to a close, and I have had a lovely day. Benita and I worked on cleaning our downstairs and wore ourselves out. Then we watched a bunch of History in the Making (wonderful show). Our cat has even decided she likes me over the last few days, when previously I thought I had become invisible to her.

I’ve got all the pages formatted for my coffee table art book, and resized the art. It’s going to be 8.5 x 11 and just shy of 200 pages. I’ll be spamming the universe when it’s ready to go on sale. I’ve still got five paintings to finish, so it’ll be a few weeks. I’ll make it available in Kindle, soft back, and hard back editions.

I never wrote a review of GenV, the offshoot show of the Boys on Prime. It tried really hard at being edgy, with excessive gore, some full frontal, drug use, drinking, a bit of sexual deviance, and some other ugly paraphenalia common to what I think of the “bastard superhero” genre.

By Bastard Superhero, I’m referring to the nasty, curmudgeon-like superheroes as written by Warren Ellis and Garth Ennis. These characters tend toward the blunt, violent, unyielding type of hero, or perhaps anti-hero. Almost any of the characters in the Boys fit this bill, as well as those in comics like Planetary or the Authority.

Yet, in the end, despite all the drug culture and porn-like gloss, the characters were really relatable, maybe even downright likable. The show had one major fault in that the kids were smart and struggling with ethics, while the adults were sold-out, morally bankrupt, and blithely unaware (like Ferris Bueller, or Home Alone). As usual, the Vaught Corporation, a fictional stand-in for our world’s corporate out-of-control greed, was the ultimate villain.

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