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Miscellaneous Mumblings

If people post pics with no information on who the artist is, and there is no signature, I’m probably just going to assume the worst. I am not going to take time to do a reverse image search.

Today was a nice day. We watched Star Dust, the pitch perfect Neil Gaiman movie with an all-star cast. So well done, and I picked up details I hadn’t noticed the first 20 times I watched it.

No art or writing today. I need to recharge my engines, to be honest. Probably tomorrow I’ll get back on it.

At the suggestion of some friends I’ve been trying out Discord again. I’m giving it a fair chance, and interacting there. Someone once told me that you get out of what you put in social media, so we shall see. I can be standoffish, but this time I’m committing with a good, wholehearted attitude.

Our cat Annie has been with us for six years now, and she continues to be a blessing. She’s very dainty and feminine, and she never makes problems. Benita and I have hearts full of love for her.

After two years off, I’ve been playing the guitar again. I’ve lost a lot of my muscle memory, but that’s okay. This time I’m going to learn it right, getting the basics down (again) before I charge into the advanced stuff. My musical tastes have changed over the years. These days I’m digging chordal melody, Gypsy jazz, Wes Montgomery, Jeff Beck, as well as my usual faves. You know, Neil Young, ZZTop, the Eagles, Jackson Brown, Leonard Skynard, Peter Frampton, John Fogarty, Eric Clapton, 70’s era Rolling Stones, Jack White, Ozzy Osborne, Alice Cooper, Johnny Cash, Americana, Folk, Rock, blah blah blah.

About two weeks ago I went cold turkey on Excitotoxins, the sweeter used in Diet Pepsi and other diet drinks. I was miserable for two days, and then my brain came back to life. Since then, I’ve felt like my old self, with all my mental capacities restored and no brain fog. I think it’s safe to say I’m not going back. Being clear headed is just too fine.

Hope everyone had a good post-Thanksgiving. Hope Indigenous Peoples’ day today was equally good.

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