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Rumbles in the Jungle

Today would have been Stan Lee’s 101st birthday. I never got to meet the man, but I was certainly influenced by his writing and creations. Lots of people argue that Kirby and Ditco were the real creators of the Marvel Universe, but let’s give Stan credit for being the catalyst, promoter, and idea man that he was. Stan did his important writing in a dramatic, pseudo Shakespearian style that didn’t age well, but he also didn’t talk down to us. I could go on, but happy birthday, Stan!

Over on Amazon, I’m making a few changes.

For one, I created a series, and it includes all three Johnny Saturn graphic novels and the Changing of the Guard short story collection. I am also going to switch printing services from Lightningsource to Amazon. Next year is Johnny Saturn’s 20th birthday, so I’ve got a lot of goodies coming up.

Kevin Phillips brought some interesting possibilities to my attention this morning, but I don’t want to say more until I’ve looked into it more.

I finished Reacher Season 2 (so far) last night. Yes, it’s the male power fantasy, the same one that powers the James Bond films, or Batman media. Amazing white guy who can outfight and outthink anyone, a man who’s always one step ahead and has smart quips for every occasion. Yet, I will also say I enjoyed it. I guess it’s what you call a guilty pleasure. I will not be making this into a habit.

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