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Restless Ramblings

I just did tracking on my author copies of my art book, and they are out for delivery! I wish they were here, already! Being patient sucks.

I’ve been hanging shelves in my graphics studio this morning, or at least I have a good start at it. I’m encircling the whole room with a layer of floating shelves, to put up collections and stuff. In some places there will be a double row of shelves. It’s going to look awesome, but I doubt it will be sufficient. I collected a bunch of stuff, after all. I rarely buy goodies like that now, and I just want to enjoy what I have.

The graphic art studio is different from my “art studio.” In the art studio I draw and paint. In the graphics studio, I’ve got my computer, printer, etc., and all my music stuff.

After I hang the shelves, I’m also going to hang a lot of the music instruments, the guitars, pedal steel, mandolin, and so forth. The one’s I play regularly I’m going to have on stands on the floor. It’s going to be cool, and I look forward to having people to jam with again.

It’s taken a while, but I feel I’m begining to get my mojo back. During the turn of the year a lot of difficult stuff happened, and I got fat and out of shape. Now I’ve been walking the neighborhood almost every day, enjoying the fresh air; seeing my chiropractor; and gearing up to finish fixing up the house. We would have been done by now if history had taken a different course, but it is what is, or whatever.

I’ve watched six episodes of Rick and Morty this season, those being the episodes I’ve been able to watch for free, and while the show is still entertaining I feel it’s lost a bit of its edge this season. Yeah, I know there are reasons. It feel’s like it’s a pivot point in the show, closing off old plot lines and getting ready for the final three seasons to come.

Pro-Writing Aid is an awesome program, because it reinforces good writing habits as you edit your work. It’s great. But… It’s not always wrong to end a sentence on a preposition, especially when the reworked sentence is clunky and awkward. “Would” is not a bad word, just don’t overuse it. Passive verbs are great, in small doses, for smoothing out your prose. Most other things I agree with. Don’t split your infinitives. Stick with “said” for most dialogue. I am not a grammar nerd, nor will I ever be one. Let the language breathe.

I mounted up this cool caddy on the end of a rolling cart in my studio. It’s got my acrylic gouache in it right now.

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