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Midwest Musings, Near Naptown

By Les Lindon Garner
By Les Lindon Garner

All three Johnny Saturn trade paperbacks are now for sale for 19.95 each. This is a $5.00  saving on Johnny Saturn: Homeland Insecurity, $10.00 on Johnny Saturn: Intelligent Redesign. The Kindle editions are still $7.99 each.

Today I’m putting out Johnny Saturn: Intelligent Redesign as a PDF and CBZ on Drivethru Comics. Kindle version to follow in the near future on Amazon and Drivethrue.

Editing and packaging are underway for Spire City Noir no. 1, aka Johnny Saturn: Hauntings. I’ve got a few surprises in store for this one.

Tonight, I’m making my 2nd attempt at an interview about City of the Broken Gate with Jim Zoetewey of the Pen and Cape Society podcast Throwing the Gun.


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