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Hello from the Midwest, Where Politeness runs unchecked

There is lots of stuff going on, my fine friends and capable compadres.

My interview with Jim Zoetewey of the Pen n Cape Society’s podcast “Throwing the Gun” was grounded due to sound issues. This is a good thing, because in retrospect I realized that I was already exhausted from a long day at work and long weeks of physical labor. I rambled, and I lacked focus. That’s my opinion, anyway. The offer is open to record it again, and I may take them up on it. This time I would be well rested and better prepared. Really, I can use all the promotion I can get for my novelette, “City of the Broken Gate.”

I’ve only got about one day a week to devote to my creative projects right now, but I’m almost done with “Spire City Noir” number 1, aka “Johnny Saturn: Hauntings.”  Meanwhile, Steven Doty, the penciler on “Spire City Noir” no. 2 aka “The Black Dirigible” is recovering from surgery and ready to get back to work on the comic, and newcomer Mike Vlasity is taking over inking duties. I know it’s slow, but we do what we can.

I’m working hard on getting all the trade paperbacks on and Drivethru Comics. For whatever reason Amazon has slowed down on making suggested updates, but I doubt they will hold off forever. Soon, all three trades will be available on Amazon in print (19.95 each) or Kindle mobi (7.99 each), and on Drivethru Comics in PDF, CBZ, and Mobi formats. Indyplanet (Print) is currently up-to-date, and I’ll deal with getting the trades on Comixology soon after that. Eventually I plan to get these books onto other digital platforms, but I have to call for patience. It takes time to arrange these things. Additionally, I want to maximize the services offered on my current outlets before I move on.



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