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Getting Close…

Greetings from the Midwest!

I’m closing in on that all-important soft launch of Story Studios Presents Changing of the Guard, and as you might suspect that means I’m really busy seeing to all the details. That entails the following:

I’m using the excellent application Publisher Rocket to determine my most useful organic keywords and most advantageous categories for Amazon. Rather than a lengthy explanation about what that means, I’ll just say that these are elements that work in the background and make my work easier to locate and for Amazon to rank. Authors that publish through Amazon should understand what this is about.

Later today, I’m going to set my Bookfunnel page and prepare my mailing list. I’ve resisted this for years, because 1) I felt it was intrusive, and 2) what on earth do I have to discuss that often? I mean, I’ve kept everything close to my vest for a long time, and I’ve stayed away from infuriating small talk. Well, I’m taking my cue from A.P. Fuchs and his excellent newsletter. He includes commentaries on a wide range of subjects, mostly related to being a creative today, so I’m going to follow suit.

I’m usually sorry whenever I pipe up and state my opinions on social media. Politics is everything, really, and it reaches into every corner of our lives. Nothing good comes from discussing it. It’s as corrosive online as talking about religion, finances, and any other hotbutton topic.

Mind you, I will not apologize for speaking up about climate change, or violence against women, children, and animals. Those subjects are not the point of this blog, but I will not be shy about them. If you deny climate change, or condone cruelty, then you are not my type of person anyway.

My next two novels in the works are fantasy. No surprise there. That genre fits nicely with my Medievalist heart. I did not intend that either book would be illustrated. In fact, my current book (Story Studios Presents Changing of the Guard) was not planned as an illustrated tome, but it has 18 pen and ink illustrations included. 18!

Well, I’m already well into character portraits for one of my fantasy novels, and here’s an example:

Be good, be prosperous, be kind, be full of gratitude. Scott.

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