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Yeah, Yeah, Updates

Hello, Internet Hive MInd.

Yeah, I mentioned Nanowrimo. Here’s my profile, so far.

Here’s my project. It was going to be a superhero story, but now it’s medieval fantasy. A dark, grim, medieval, low fantasy, if you must know.

I haven’t made any writing buddies yet, but if you want to buddy up (and who wouldn’t?) then you can find me.

OK, News Item no. 1–I’ve ordered the author’s proof for Name of the Shadow. This is always exciting! I am so ready for this novel to be in readers’ hands.

OK, News Item no. 2–I watched season 2 of “The Boys,” and it was glorious and insane. I still like it more than I did the comic upon which it was based. Yes, I read all the comics, and enjoyed them too, but the show is even better, in my opinion,.

What medieval podcasts am I watching? I know you’ve asked yourself this question again and again, and it’s not fair to keep it to myself. So:

  • Tod’s Workshop
  • Skallagrim
  • Shadiversity
  • Modern History TV
  • Metatron
  • Scholagladitoria
  • Lindybeige

I don’t like all these guys equally, and over time some have risen to the surface, and others not so much.

It’s also fair to say that lately I’ve been obsessed with the History Channel’s “Knight Fight,” and “Forged in Fire.” I had written off the History Channel some years ago as history made for video game crazed teenagers, but I have since revised that opinion a bit. It’s still got a male demographic in mind, but I really like these shows.

I have not kept up with sparring with HEMA (“Historical European Martials Arts”) since the pandemic took hold of the planet. I hope to return to it when the world gets better.

I have been listening to a string of great audiobooks and courses, with subjects including Medieval Europe, Medieval Britain, Arthurian Britain, Vikings, Craft, Tudor Life, and Byzantium. If I got college credits for these, I’d probably have another bachelors degree by now.

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