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Updates Galore:

Hi, Reader People!

Last week I wrote a long post about simulation theory and digitizing and downloading people, but I had the good sense not to post it because it probably would bore most people to tears. Most people are not even aware of the coming singularity (however you define it). Maybe I’ll post it at some future point, but for now it is hidden away with some of my other more heady, out there posts.

Story Studios presents Changing of the Guard is 100% done! But, no I have not posted it yet. I am hard at work studying how to launch books, and the current book I am devouring is this:

I am happy to say that this book, of which I am 80% done reading on my Kindle, is straight-forward and very informative to someone of my experience level. After this book, I am going to read this:

It comes highly praised.

Yes, I am going to make the leap into publishing a newsletter and building a mailing list. I have resisted this level of engagement for a long, long time. I mean, really, most writers would prefer to spend their time writing, and having people enjoy their work. It doesn’t work like that nowadays, and probably never did unless you are already famous.

Developing the newsletter and landing page are going to be . . . something. Not only do I need to offer some sort of enticement to sign up, a loss leader, if you well, but then I need to produce content for it on a regular basis to keep readers engaged. I’m not all that sure what form that content or loss leader will take. Clearly, I have a lot to learn.

There are some other elements to this self-publishing mystery I could write about, but I leave it be for now.

I will say that Steven Doty is hard at work on the last pages of Spire City Noir no. 2. This comic has existed in limbo for a couple of years now, and at a few points I’ve toyed with idea of simply writing the story as a prose novel and being done with it. Still, somehow I knew we’d always finish it, and that time is really soon.

I’m also editing Benita’s debut solo book, a Patchwork Life, and it’s a fantastic read and I’m really proud to be a small part of it. It’s really going to put her on the map. I mean, she’s already well known in her field, but now the world will be able to enjoy her gentle wisdom and wonderful storytelling abilities.

I guess that’s enough for now.

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