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Unorganized Updates

Hello, Friends!

Lots of stuff going going on, but no real thread or theme within them.

Wednesday I begin my next installment of blacksmithing classes at the Indianpolis Art Center. The first classes were a success, and I began to get a handle on what I’m doing there. I’ve got some neat stuff to show off next time we do a video.

For the past two Saturdays I’ve worked out with the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) instructors and students at the local fencing club. It has been humbling and educational. The longsword, aka the bastard sword or war sword, has long been my favorite medieval sword. So far I have not gotten the hang of it, but I’m willing to put the work in.

I have not been writing prose in a while, and I miss it. I have not been creating art for a while, either. What I have been doing is continuing my work on the infamous medieval room, and it’s looking really cool.

I also have not made the videos I intended to make to cover the medieval room and its progress. They are coming, and they’ll be fun and educational. I just do not have the technical expertise to do them myself, and Benita has been very busy with work.

I have come to recognize a real sense of detachment when it comes to promotion of my various projects. It seems to be a strange mix of impostor syndrome and out-of-body phenomenon. I’m beginning to feel I can’t wake up and get a handle on it. Some of my creator friends are really good at it, but so far not me. I think I burned out somewhat back in my webcomics days.

It’s probably been obvious from my recent posts, but my creative subject matter has switched from superhero material to medieval. Benita and I have a ten-issue Johnny Saturn comic roughly plotted out, but I don’t think either of our hearts are in it. We’ve both moved in different directions since them. I believe I will do comics again at some point, but when that is a bit uncertain.

If you are into medieval stuff for writing, gaming, Larping, whatever, I have a new Facebook group called Medieval World Building. Come, join. Be jolly. Huzzah!

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