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To Push, or not to Push

Hello, readers!

Today finds me in a relaxed mood. I know the more time I stay away from the news and social media, the better my mental state becomes. This is no secret. The world is a relentlessly negative place, and while we have to live in it we shouldn’t have to wallow in the muck. Sometimes there is no choice, I get that. Find happiness where you can.

I have two-and-a-half projects in motion currently. The project-and-a-half part is “Story Studios Presents the Changing of the Guard,” a collection of prose stories set in the world “Johnny Saturn” and “Spire City.” There are nine stories in all, written by me, with the exception of “Being Johnny Saturn” which was penned by Benita G. Story.

That’s a whole project, and it’s very near the end of its proofreading cycle. The half project that goes with it is18 black-n-white full-page illustrations that are included in the book. These prints also will serve as the basis of a large-formatted poster book once I’ve painted them all. That’s why I call it a project-and-a-half, because I’m reusing the art for something related.

These days I’m at peace with being a storyteller. I no longer fret about specializing as an artists OR a writer. I’m both. I always have been. No reason to deny it. I see myself as sort of a creative generalist these days.

My other project is a novel called “The Name of the Shadow.” It’s midway through the editing process. It is a medieval fantasy adventure starring a thief named Raeth. I’ll be writing more about this as the project takes center stage.

I am on track to have both of these novels ready for December this year, and I already have two more books in various stages of completion to put out next year. This has been a good creative time for me, but it’s way past the time that I should hunker in and get some stuff done!

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