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Timing, Reviews, etc.

There is a time for promotion, and a time for creating new material. For the past year and a half, more or less, I’ve been doing nothing but promoting. Nor for a turnabout. For the rest of the year I’ll be creating new content. That means prose, posters, maybe even new comics. I’m feeling pretty positive that this is what I need to do. I’ve already gotten started, and I’ve been writing on no less than three different stories at the same time. I’m weird like that.


I’ve been revising an old short story today, one set in Spire City. It’s a good story, but events in the ongoing comic threw it out of continuity.
So, now I’m trying to restore continuity. It’s not big deal, because this is one of my many unpublished short stories. I’m gathering all the short stories up, putting them together in chronological order, and going to publish them as a Spire City Noir/Johnny Saturn anthology.
All the prose stories I wrote in this setting, excepting City of the Broken Gate, will be in it. CotBG is it’s own thing. Anyway, it should be pretty cool. It will also have Benita’s story, Being Johnny Saturn, which was published in Johnny Saturn: Homeland Insecurity.
I ran into author buddy Mike Wolff last night, and we briefly discussed writing projects. I am at work researching another paranormal/science fiction/superhero novel that will be set soon after CotBG. It’s not a continuation or sequel, really, but it continues with several of the main characters (Tara and Johnny himself). Maybe it is a sequel. Maybe not. Hard to say.

Available Now!

Spire City Noir no. 1 is available now on Comixology, DrivethruComics, and Indyplanet. Follow these links, buy it, and I’ll be happy, and you’ll enjoy it, and it’ll be a win-win.
The Kindle guided-view edition of Johnny Saturn: Intelligent Redesign is available for a mere $7.99. That’s 200 pages of the best damn comic I’ve ever made.

New Review on Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father:

5.0 out of 5 stars
What Makes Indy Comics Great
on May 1, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Thanks, Scott Story and Benita Story, for offering this compelling graphic novel that introduces the world to Johnny Saturn, a hard-nosed street hero in a world of full-blown superheroes. From the moment we’re introduced to Johnny — in a really unique way — to the unpredictable genre mashing as the graphic novel moves along, you get a tense and exciting piece of work.
You’ll find plenty to like in this graphic novel! Johnny is the Batman-esque hero everyone loves — no-nonsense and laser-focused. We’re also introduced into a whole universe of superheroes that come in every variety. Many of those heroes don’t survive, either, because this story brings a brutal reality to the dangers of being a superhero: Sometimes you’re simply not equipped to counter the threat you’re trying to stop!
I’m not sure who wrote the story or who did the art in Synns of the Father, but I was impressed with them both. As a fan of truly independent comics, I can tell you this ranks up there with the best. The plot is clear, the dialogue is crisp and the art is compelling.
Some people might offer a few gripes about the art — “It’s not as good as Spider-Man comics” — or that it rolls through so many genres — police story, vigilante story, high-powered superhero story, supernatural story, underworld story, slum story. But you know what? That’s what makes indy comics great — freedom to do what you want with what you got! Keep them coming, Scott and Benita!
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