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Hello, Hello! (Imagine I’m saying it like Steven Fry on QI did)

Me, Benita, and Bob Hickey from 2013

Stuff (not in order):

  1. I just ran my keywords for “City of the Broken Gate” on a keyword analyzer known as Kindle Samurai, and I discovered that the search terms I had entered on are pure rubbish. This is terrible, and it leads me to think that all my books probably have terrible keywords. Clearly, this must be rectified in a timely manner!
  2. I have decided that choosing the medium for my stories that will most likely have the largest and longest lasting influence is pure insanity. None of us can actually know which medium will reach the most people and be remembered best. If anything, this kind of delusional thinking is unwittingly pandering to the future. That never works.
  3. If you choose what kind of stories to write based upon what is popular, then that is being a hack. I would never knowingly be a hack. In other words, money cannot be the first reason that I write a story. This has a freezing effect on my creatively, and it kills what could be great stories.

Here are some videos I liked from Youtube that covers some similar points:


For the artists out there, this is from an exceptional art teacher Clayton Barton:

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