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Scott 1999

This week I’ve been making some slow progress on my body suit and helmet in Blender. Thing are not as finished as I would like them to be, but I am learning as I go. Soon I will be doing UV maps, textures, and the like. This suit will serve as the base outfit for all my Spire City characters, and it will expand and contract to fit any different body type.
I should also mention that the suit and helmet are 100% my creations, not based on or kit-bashed from other 3D artist work.

There are still some lumps and bumps on the full face mask, but I’m getting there.

The hands are the last part I worked on, and these are meant to be gloves, not actual hands. Soon I’ll be putting in seams to add to the sense of realism.

I’m pretty pleased with the shape the boots came out. If you are wondering, I built this whole suit over the generic Genesis 8 character from Daz3d, aka Daz Studio.

This is the Johnny Saturn helmet I’m making. It’s my third attempt to get this right, and so far it is coming out pretty well. Obviously, there’s a whole bunch of detail to add before I get to the UV Maps/texture/color stage.

The Johnny Saturn mask has lenses, so you cannot see his eyes beneath. As I learn to manipulate Blender I’ll get better at this type of thing.

I am so glad I tackled Blender, because I almost fell victim to all the bad hype surrounding it. Rumor among 3D enthusiasts has been that this program is too hard to learn, that its interface is too hard, that the learning curve was to high, and that all its keyboard shortcuts are incomprehensible. I’m here to tell you that, at least so far, it has been no harder to learn as a beginner than Photoshop. Mind you, Photoshop was hard, especially in the times I learned it before Youtube and handy how-to videos.

Sometimes I regret having gotten into 3D because of its time consuming nature, but I honestly think this will blow the doors off what I’m capable of doing with my art. thanks

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