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Oh, those faltering skills…

Drawn from a bronze dinosaur in my collection 7 years ago. I still think he’s cute.

Which is to say I had a very active sketchbook practice going back then, and I fell away from it when I turned more to painting. I miss drawing, to be honest. I’m trying to reestablish it in my current life.

Sketchbooking is a thing in its own right. These books are full of art experiments, stuff that you wouldn’t show to other people, and occasionally flashes of art brilliance. They are a way for the artist to maintain is skills, keep his mind’s eye fresh, and work out visual thoughts in a safe environment before you show them to the world.

I’m out of practice. The other day I drew a picture of Kenneth Branagh’s version of Hercule Poirot, and it was okay, except I made his hairline too low. What I had accidentally drawn was a good likeness of Joseph Stalin. Sheesh.

Skills need regular updating and upgrades. Simple as that.

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