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Eh? I Can’t Hear You.

I ended up working till 11:30 pm last night on uploading and formatting. Of course, I was trying to upload too large a file. I got the seven day free tryout of an Adobe product that fixed that, but now it seems I also need a free KDP program for further formatting. Just not today.

Silly me. I’m not mad, I’m just tired. I’ve been down this road at least six times before, and every time there are lots of little hoops to jump through and skills to learn. Skills, I might add, that I’ve forgotten by the next time I publish something. But, that’s modern life. We all deal with it some degree.

Today I’m catching up on other stuff. My frontal lobe feels tired, so I’m giving it a day off to recharge. I’ve been cleaning and organizing my art studio, sorting through reference material, and very much looking forward to returning to drawing and pen and ink. I also got some walnut ink to experiment with.

So far my retirement has been more about art than writing. If you had asked a few years ago, I would have characterized myself as a writer who does art as well. Now, it’s the other way around. Going to open figure studios and drawing people has put me back into contact with other artists and the greater artistic community.

Benita has convinced me that my hearing has gotten worse, and it’s time to get hearing aids. I had them once, and I hated them. They were hot and they made me nervous and there were too many options with little, fiddly controls. It was easier and calmer for me to simply hear less. Now, not so much. I hadn’t realized how much dialogue I missed on television, for example, and simply took in the meaning by context. If you are a low talker, a mumbler, or have a high pitched voice, forget it! I can’t hear you.

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