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Johnny Saturn: Intelligent Redesign

 Author: Scott A. Story & Benita G. Story  Category:  Publisher: Story Studios  Published: February 2, 2015  ISBN: 978-0981739335  Download

The world is broken.

Johnny Saturn is spiraling out of control into an abyss of mental torment, and Spire City is on the brink of total annihilation thanks to mega-disaster after mega-disaster having nearly destroyed everything.

The Utopian—the city’s savior—is depowered and can only stand helplessly by. Worse, Titanium Tom—better known for his colossal arrogance than his heroism—has seized control of the Squadron Premiere and is only abetting the problem rather than solving it.

It seems the only solution is for the forces of evil—the Star Cabal—to rise up and turn the country into a slave state in an effort to restore order. The fallen star goddess, Thu-Lynn, plans to overwrite Spire City with her long-lost kingdom, Ultima Thule, while Dr. Wissenschaft plans to recast the whole of reality into his own hellish playground.

With heroes fallen and of no use, it’s only a matter of time before all that is known falls into darkness.


Unless . . . there’s Intelligent Redesign.

As a bonus, this graphic novel contains a prose short story plus an all-new four-page Johnny Saturn comic.



Johnny Saturn.

It’s ancient mythology with modern-day superheroes in the Midwest.

Enter a world of high-flying trendy metahumans who live like celebrities, while beneath the skies lurks a shadowy, back-alley realm where mystery men, who only rely on their fists and wits, wage lonely and violent wars on crime.

Blending horror, conspiracy theory, superheroes, and the paranormal, Johnny Saturn is a comic book series like no other and will ignite your imagination page-to-page.