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Johnny Saturn Series Guide

Who’s Who

This is a working list, and there are more characters to add.

Note, “m.” means member of, and “l.” means leader of the group in question.

Abraham Rosenblatt, Esq.: J. William Medal’s partner at law
Alaric the Axe: m. Iron Brigade, super-strong brute enforcer, metavillain
Anvil: m. Squadron Premiere, anthropomorphic anvil, metahero
Bacterium Twins: m. Scavengers, metavillains
Boltz: m. Iron Brigade, metavillain
Bombastic aka Nils Zilcher: m. Team Saturn, enforcer, bodyguard, former villain
Candle Man: m. Vigilante Association, Golden Age metahero
Captain Barometer aka Gary Redman: m. Squadron Premiere, retired metahero
Carley: Mayor Medal’s personal assistant
Celerity: m. Iron Brigade, speedster, metavillain
Charge: m. Squadron Premiere, electrical metahero
Charles “Doc” Ledmun: l. mole people, street doctor
Coat Man, the: Homeless poet
Crocodile King aka Sobek: Ruler of undercity crocodiles
Deco: m. Squadron Premiere, power armored hero

Decorum aka Patty Angstrom: Cloth telekinesis metahero
Dr. Somnambulism: m. Iron Brigade, sleep inducing metavillain
Drunken Prophet, the: m. Scavengers, metavillain
En Camera: m. Iron Brigade, remote viewing robot
Eris: The goddess of discord and chaos
Eustice Freemantle: British scientist, rebel theorist
Fenris: Ancient werewolf spirit
Fiernor: Ancient werewolf spirit, father of Fenris
Gerhard Synn: Nazi industrialist, Horatio Synn’s father
Ghost of Benedetti: m. Squadron Premiere, Manifest ghost of metahero
Harry “Brez” Brezneski: Lt. Det. SCPD 23RD Precinct
Hideous Handmade: m. Scavengers, metavillain
Horatio Synn, Dr.: Terrorist, Industrialist. Persephone’s father, John Underhall’s father-in-law
Hotfoot: m. Squadron Premiere, speedster metahero
Hyperspace I: m. Squadron Premiere, cosmic powered metahero
Hyperspace II: m. Squadron Premiere, cosmic powered metahero
Hypodermic Man: m. Iron Brigade, metavillain
Iron Claw: m. Squadron Premiere, force-blade metahero
J. Raymond Kendall: J. William Medal’s stepfather
J. William Medal, Esq.: m. Team Saturn, attorney, later mayor of Spire City
Jean-Claude: Fight trainer, France
Jeremy Newstead: Mayor of Spire City
Johnny Saturn I aka John Underhall: Persephone’s husband, hero and mystery man
Johnny Saturn II aka Greg Buchanan: l. Team Saturn, detective, hero and mystery man
Karl Victor Wissenschaft: Nazi villain extraordinaire
Lacerator: m. Iron Brigade, force-blade based metavillain
Lady Fishnet II: m. Squadron Premiere, net-projecting martial artist, metahero
Lamar: m. Charlie Blockers
Leonora Bonds, aka Torchsong, aka I-Kandi: m. Squadron Premiere, fire-based metahero and performer
Leviathan Prime: Ancient guardian monster

Lightspeed: Silver Age speedster, metahero
Lorraine Medal-Kendall: J. William Medal’s mother
Manic Max: m. Iron Brigade, kangaroo-like metavillain
Marco: Apprentice masseuse, Monaco
Mark Cassaday, aka Saturnas, aka Hexagon: m. Vigilante Association, l. Sovereignty, Golden Age mystery
man, reborn metahero
Mollie Andreeson: m. Team Saturn, cyborg girl, template for Tara, metahero
Mr. Ambiguous: Metavillain
Mr. Meridian: m. Iron Brigade, metavillain
Mr. Osirus: Golden Age spy, crime boss, and sorcerer
Ms. Meme: m. Squadron Premiere, metahero
Musclebound: Metahero, son of Hercules
Nhorgiel: Arch-demon
Old Wolf, the: Prehuman proto-god
Persephone Helios Synn Underhall: Daughter of Dr. Synn and Circe, wife of John Underhall, powerful mage
Pete Andrews: Gym owner in France
Pummel Horse: m. Squadron Premiere, giant horse hybrid, metahero
Ramirez “Manny” Calabria: l. Charlie Blockers
Rancid: m. Scavengers, metavillain
Ravenous Raptor, the: Metahero
Richard Rush: Elderly writer
Rogue Statesman: m. Iron Brigade, multiple personality killer, metavillain
Ronald “Corky” Cork: Bartender, retired police officer
Samantha Rosenblatt: Abraham Rosenblatt’s daughter
Sandra Nagachi, Dr.: Medical doctor to the Squadron Premiere
Scary Men: Paranormal thugs
Shadowcowl aka Dennis Fulchres: Metahero with magic cowl
Shiela Rosenblatt: Abraham Rosenblatt’s wife
Silverwing: m. Squadron Premiere, 1950’s metahero reborn
Skold’s Brank: m. Scavengers, metavillain
Skyshark: m. Squadron Premiere, ghost haunted power armor

Staff of Life aka Victoria Shelbourne: m. Squadron Premiere, m. Team Saturn, inventor, technologist,
academic, metahero
Stellar II: Cosmic metahero
Subwoofer: m. Iron Brigade, sonic metavillain
Sureshot III: Archery metahero
Tactical aka Nikolai Demetr: l. Iron Brigade, crime boss, war criminal
Tailor, aka Harvey Torres: m. Team Saturn, brilliant costume and armor builder
Tapeworm: m. Scavengers, metavillain
Tara 5.0 aka Tara Wissenschaft: Android created by Dr. Wissenschaft
Terra Rosa: m. Iron Brigade, metavillain
Thomas Buchanan: Greg Buchanan’s father, police officer
Tidal Force: Metahero
Tilt: m. Squadron Premiere, Kinetic metahero
Titanium Tom: l. Squadron Premiere, arch-conservative team leader
Topiary: m. Iron Brigade, vegetable metavillain
Triops, aka Denny Chamblis: m. Squadron Premiere, m. Team Saturn, Alien hybrid psychic, metahero
Tripartite: m. Scavengers, metavillain son of Nhorgiel
Utopian aka Brian Farrady: l. Squadron Premiere, supremely powerful metahero
Vamario: Customs official in Monaco
Velvet Cipher: m. Squadron Premiere, meta-spy
Ventilator Angel: m. Scavengers, Vox Malaise’s enforcer, beyond horrible, metavillain
Vince: Persephone’s driver in Monaco
Vox Malaise: l. Scavengers, demonologist, porn star
Warmonger: m. Iron Brigade, perspective-twisting metavillain
William Miller, Staff Sergeant: U. S. Army, Camp Darby, Pisa, Italy
William Strathmorne, Judge: Spire City Superior Court 3

Publishing History and Chronology

The stories collected in this anthology were all written in continuity with the Johnny Saturn comics. It is not
necessary to have read those comics to enjoy these tales, but if you have you may be interested to know how
they all line up chronologically.

First up is the comic short “Time & Johnny Saturn,” then the events in the comic Spire City Noir #1.

“Death on the Docks,” published in Johnny Saturn Unlimited no. 11 to 17 follows, occurring before the regular
Johnny Saturn series (no. 1 to 5) begins.

“Wages of Synn,” previously unpublished, happens immediately after the events of Johnny Saturn no. 5.

“Halo of Graves,” previously unpublished, happens concurrently with Johnny Saturn no. 6, and tells the same

“Being Johnny Saturn,” published in Johnny Saturn: Homeland Insecurity (Story Studios 2012) takes place
between Johnny Saturn no. 6 and 7.

“Johnny Saturn and the Old Wolf,” previously published in Metahumans vs. Werewolves (Coscom
Entertainment, 2013), and published again in Johnny Saturn: Intelligent Redesign (Story Studios, 2015), takes place
not long after the events of the comic Spire City Noir no. 2 and 3, and Johnny Saturn no. 8 to 17.

“Skorned” appeared in The Pen & Cape Society Presents the Good Fight 4: Homefront (Local Hero Press, 2018).

“I Always Wanted a Giant Robot,” originally published in Metahumans vs. Robots (Lion’s Share Press, 2014) and
again in the collected City of the Broken Gate (Story Studios, 2016).

“City of the Broken Gate” was published in City of the Broken Gate (Story Studios, 2016).

“Le Monde Belle” appeared in The Pen & Cape Society Presents the Good Fight 5: The Golden Age (Local Hero
Press, 2019)

After these events, the events in the second half of the short comic “Time & Johnny Saturn” happen,
published in Johnny Saturn: Intelligent Redesign (Story Studios, 2015).

More Publishing History

Story Studios, LLC, created in 2005, was established as the owner of the creative works of Scott Story and Benita Story.  Story Studios, LLC, is committed to creating and publishing top-quality and innovative fiction, including prose and sequential art, among other things. 

*                   Black & White Edition: In 2004, Story Studios produced the black & white edition of “Johnny Saturn.”  This material was later expanded upon and split between issues 1 and 2 of the Color Edition.

*                   Color Edition: To date, two story arcs have been published, “Synns of the Father,” (issues 1-5), and “Homeland Insecurity” Part 1 (issues 6-11). 

*                   “Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father”: This 132 page, full-color graphic novel is the first, complete story arc, collecting issues 1 to 5 of the Color Edition regular series. Bob Freeman wrote the forward, and Tim Demeter wrote the afterwards.

*                   “Johnny Saturn Pinup Gallery”: This book showcases the “Johnny Saturn” cast of characters as depicted by new and established artists from all over the world in a wide range of styles. Artists in this collection included: Cal Slayton, Roland Bird, Mike Dominic, Jim Giar, Samuel F. Girgis, Antonio Rodrigues, Daniel Tang, Casey Campbell, Alan Arnold, George Leon, Michael K. Easton, Geoff Edwards, Lou Singer, Bob Freeman, Greg Harms, Roman Morales III, Jason Rhodes, Nathaniel Sullivan, Jeremy Johnson, Victor Daniel, Sean Koury, Gustavo Magalhaes, Danny Jimenez, Joel Danford, and Zed Zefram.

*                   The Indy Webcomic Group Anthology: This includes pages 1 to 10 of issue 8  but reprinted in black and white.

*                   “Johnny Saturn” illustrations appeared in Blueline Pro’s “Sketch Magazine” no. 31, 32, and 34 accompanying articles written by Scott Story.

*                   On the Web: “Johnny Saturn” the webcomic has appeared on Graphic Smash,  Stan Lee’s Sunday Funnies at Komikwerks, Drunk Duck, Webcomicsnation, Comic Genesis, and independently.  “Johnny Saturn” belongs to the Indy Webcomic Group.

*                   “Johnny Saturn” is available in print from,, as well as Barnes &,,, and; for the iPhone and iPad at the Panelfly store on; as PDFs at,, and; and for the direct market at

*                   On Television: “Johnny Saturn” the black & white edition appeared as a prop on a Nickelodeon show.

*                   In Movies: Johnny Saturn comics appeared as props in Stephen J. Semone’s independent movie “No Way Out” (Sir Real Films).

*                   Newspaper: “Johnny Saturn” art, and an interview with Scott and Benita Story, appeared in the January 21, 2006, edition of the “Noblesville Daily Times.”

*                   IU Alumni Magazine


Persephone’s Home: Located in Monaco, next to the royal palace and overlooking the Ligurian Sea. It is more modest than one might expect, as if Persephone has nothing to prove, and it is decorated with her extensive collection of Dada art.  It has an extensive underground garage complex where John Underhall keeps his collection of rare cars and Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles, all tended by a score of skilled mechanics.
Underhall Private Subway: John Underhall built this to connect such locations as Elysium City, the Kane Building, the Baumgarten Building, and other undisclosed locations. 
Asphodel Heights: wealthy bedroom community named Asphodel Heights on the north side of Spire City. 
Astral Plane: This is the dwelling place of ghosts, dreams, imagination, and beings that were never born. 
Baumgarten Building: Found at Union and 3rd, this building is owned by John Underhall, and it is where Greg Buchanan keeps his apartment. Greg and Mollie Andreeson are its only residential occupants. It also features John Underhall’s Saturn intranet and its supercomputer, the hub of John’s security network. 
Bolten Maximum Security Penitentiary: This correctional facility  is built northwest of town; this is the source of the C-Blockers. 
23rd Police Precinct: Located at Adams and 5th street, this office has been the place of employment of John Underhall, Thomas Buchanan, Greg Buchanan, Ronald Cork, and Bruce Brezneski. 
Blix Building: Located at Crabapple and 12th, this is where the Utopian and Lewis share the penthouse. 
Ultima Thule: Home of the Aryan race, Thu-Lynn was their goddess. 
Channel 4 Studios: Located at Rockwell & Pine Street. 
F.E.M.A. Camp 99: Built in 2012 by F.E.M.A. west of Spire City by unidentified contractors, this was granted extra-territorial (i.e., without nationality) status as a foreign embassy.  That means that anyone brought here by rendition has no civil rights or recourse to the laws of the United States of America. F.E.M.A granted it to the Star Cabal in late 2012. 
Corky’s Bar: This is a popular cop bar found at 4th and Vine, and Ronald Cork is its owner/operator. 
Spire City National Bank: Located at Reagan and 8th Street, this is secretly owned by the Iron Brigade. 
Elysium City: This is sort of a Mole People city beneath Spire City. It is built in a cavernous chamber deep in Spire City’s forgotten infrastructure, and it was built in a space large enough to develop micro climates and precipitation, that being drizzling rain at regular intervals. Elysium’s infrastructure is somewhat of a shanty town, a settlement built from recycled materials, all scavenged from the surface world, and composed of urban layers of rickety buildings built atop older rickety buildings. Electricity is pirated in, and, where the town is not illuminated by light bulbs it is lit by fires. There is a central space that serves the town as sort of a forum and administrative center.  After 2012, there is a well-stocked medical clinic here, supplied by the so-called king of the Mole People, John Underhall. There are other, similar subterranean towns, each named after the different regions of the Greek Underworld, Hades. 
Escher Space: Named after the famed M.C. Escher, this is a non-place in between everything, a sort of forced perspective space where the laws of three dimensional space are jumbled, and the world looks as if it were a cross of surrealist art and optical illusions. This plane can be accidentally accessed via optical illusions, although most mortals who enter are shredded by conflicting perspectives or driven mad.  Persephone Synn-Underhall has been known to employ this space for short-range travel, as has the knife used by Warmonger and later Johnny Saturn II. 
Heaven: A real dimension in the “Johnny Saturn” universe, it has seven levels, and it is populated by angels, such as Turiel, the Angel of Noble Failures. 
Hell: A real dimension in the “Johnny Saturn” universe, it has nine layers, each successively worse than the last, and it is populated by demons, such as Norghiel the Demon of Thoughtless Cruelty. 
Hesperides International Airport: Northwest of Spire City. 
I-60 the interstate that divided Asphodel Heights off from Spire City to the south. ran along Spire City’s northern flank 
Interstate 60: This interstate connects Spire City with the East and West Coasts.  The city is flanked to the north by Interstate 60, which itself splits off Interstate 65 that connects Indianapolis and Chicago. 
Kane Building: Located at 3rd and Clinton, this building is owned by John Underhall and houses the Tailor’s workshop. 
Kingdom of the Alligator King: Below the Mole People’s towns lies the kingdom of the Alligator King. 
Lake Avernus: The southernmost and smallest Great Lake, it is fed by Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes Watershed to the north, and it feeds into the Lethe River (aka Big Opossum River) to the west, which itself feeds into the Mississippi River System, making Spire City accessible from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. 
Laswell Arms: Low-rent hotel at Ash and 3rd where Manny Ramirez is the head bell-hop. 
Major Sam Jefferson Federal Health Care Center: Located at 26th and Yew Street, this is a local Veteran Affairs hospital primarily devoted to the long-term care of veterans and something of an army old folks home. 
Helius International Airport: Persephone Synn Underhall is the majority share holder. In Monaco. 
Mount Hollyrood Cemetery: Northwest of Spire City. 
grouMythological Places: In the Spire City universe, all the mythological worlds, such as Olympus, Asgard, and Faerie, are all quite real and interconnected with the Earth plane. 
Northanger Arms Hotel: is a posh five-star hotel where Ramirez “Manny” Calabria is head bellhop. 
Oppression Wave’s Womb: A secret bunker and communications center in an undisclosed location under Asphodel Heights. 
Pantheon Inc. Building:  At Union and 24th, a gargantuan stone building from the 1920’s. 
Plegthon Industrial District: This area that lies southeast of the city is a rust belt relic with little beauty and is mostly ruined and abandoned. This is where the derelict bridge piling featured in the first story arc is to be found, as well as the shabby Wissenschaft Inc. factory. 
Sorrow Bay: This is the home of Spire City’s dockyards on the northwestern banks of Lake Avernus. 
Spire City General Hospital: This is the city’s largest hospital, and it has a highly regarded trauma ward. 
Spire City Government Center: 
Spire City Java: This is a local chain of high-end coffee shops. 
Spire City Subway System: An extensive subway system that has been in use since the 1880’s. 
Spire City University: This is a respected institution with a well known nursing school and a prestigious English department.  Victoria Shelbourne, aka Staff of Life, is a tenured physics professor here. 
Spire City: A town much like a cross between Chicago and Indianapolis.  It is an upper Midwestern city located in Illinois on the Illinois/Indiana border. Spire City is a quite tall, sporting a high concentration of skyscrapers. Like most Midwestern cities, there is a strong international element, and an equal measure of shabbiness. Spire City was built on relatively even terrain and laid out in a grid pattern by the same architect that designed Indianapolis and Washington DC. Each block is bisected by two alleys, making space for four buildings, but, over the last century and a half, some of these blocks have been redeveloped for much larger structures that take up entire blocks, such as Spire City General Hospital, the Spire City Government Center, assorted arenas, etc. Spire City has embraced its rich, metahuman history, and the Spire City Sound is a music style that was once popular with Jazz, Blues, and Big Band music. Spire City was established as a port town on the northwestern banks of Lake Avernus. 
Tartaros Supermax Facility: This places of hopelessness is located deep beneath the Bolten Penitentiary, and this is where metacriminals are incarcerated. 
Squadron Premeire Plaza: A building built along the lines of a triple, overlapping set of pyramids on an open paved plaza.  There is a reflective pool in front, with the names of fallen heroes etched in the bottom, flanked by obelesks.  
Underworld:  Beneath the city is a huge, honeycombed world made up of: cavernous chambers deep in Spire City’s forgotten infrastructure, mazes of abandoned subway tunnels, access passages, air vents, forgotten basement chambers, boiler rooms, steam tunnels, sewer access shafts, the pilings of massive skyscrapers, forgotten reservoirs, and abandoned power stations. Within this interconnected subterrainean world there are graffiti-painted walls, Mole People camps, and the remnants of human habitation. 
Wheaton Heights: This is a posh, gated suburb. 
Wissenschaft Plaza at 21st and Banks. At 163 floors, Wissenschaft Plaza was at the moment the tallest building in the world, though that record changed almost daily. Made of steel and glass and towers over Spire City. High above the city streets perched the office of Wissenschaft Inc.’s CEO and CFO, Tara Wissenschaft.  


Collective of Champions: The current Squadron Premiere is a regional division of the Collective of Champions, based out of New York City and part of the United Nations.  The Collective of Champions was founded by Elect, the Utopian’s father. 
International Society of Metahumans: This august group is based in The Hague and backed by the League of Nation’s Permanent Court of International Justice. 
Iron Brigade: Founded around 2008 by Tactical, the Iron Brigade quickly became the dominant underworld power in Spire City.  Tactical’s inner circle included Alaric, Skorn, Warmonger, and Lacerator, and the team’s ranks are filled by a small army of metavillains.  Through the Iron Brigade, Tactical owns all of Spire City’s financial institutions, as well as its organized crime from street level up through corporate. 
Scavengers: Now quiet after the Iron Brigade’s ascendancy, the Scavengers were once the Squadron Premier’s team rival. This gathering of metavillians was founded and is still led by the horrific Ventilator Angel. 
Squadron Premiere: The highest profile metagroup in Spire City is the Squadron Premiere, and it has been broken up and reformed many times since the 1940’s. Founded in its current incarnation by the Utopian, Tilt, and Staff of Life, this group has consisted of as many as two dozen metaheroes at any given time. Their home base is Squadron Premiere Plaza, and, in late 2011, the Squadron was subsumed by the Department of Homeland Insecurity. 
Star Cabal: Drawn from the secret overlords of the earth, these three men are part of the government super elite and the heads of the military industrial complex.  Their existence and identities are known to only a few, and their agendas are Machiavellian to the extreme and labyrinthine.  
Mole People: Homeless people who have fallen between the cracks of the society above and turned their backs on the American dream, all because of mental illness, drugs, alcohol, or human trafficking, and bad luck. 
Pagan Gods: They have typical mythological powers, such as flight, agelessness, damage resistance, regeneration, life support, durability, metaspeed, and metahuman strength. 


Channel 4 Action News: This is the city’s largest local news show, with a morning show beginning at 5:00 am, an evening broadcast at 6:00 pm, and a late night news roundup at 11:05 pm. There is also Meta Matters at 10:00 pm. 
Graf Zeppelin III: Protected by hunter/killer drones and ballistic missiles 
Meta Matters: This is a 10:00 pm program on Channel 4 about metahuman issues, positive and negative. Hosted by Heather McHenry, it focuses more on celebrity metas, and is an entertainment show as much as it is a news show. 
Spire City Ferrets: Spire City’s basketball team which has the second to worst record in the NBA. 
Spire City Gazette: One of Spire City’s two major newspapers, it is the second largest and considered to have a liberal agenda. 
Spire City Opossums: They are an unremarkable football team that has never made it to the Super Bowl. 
Spire City Public Radio (SPR): 
Sports Teams: Spire City has never had a successful or well-regarded professional sport history.  For basketball, there is the Spire City Ferrets, and they have the second to worst record in the NBA. In football, the Spire City Opossums are an unremarkable team that has never made it to the Super Bowl. In baseball, there are the Wheaton Warriors, a relatively new minor league franchise. 
Synn Tech: is a multinational corporation specializing in pharmaceuticals.  It was founded in Brazil by Gerhard Synn soon after World War II, and it is now privately owned by his son, Dr. Horatio Synn. 
Vigilante License: Metaheroes in Spire City’s America are usually licensed, much the way bounty hunters are. Licensed metaheroes are typically bonded, and it is up to their home city to cover the bond, while law enforcement clearance is awarded to each metahero by the police commissioner or the mayor. National law enforcement clearances are provided to some metas, and international clearance is available through the United Nations. Utopian, for example, has international clearance. It is also of note that Johnny Saturn I, once himself a member of the law enforcement community, was an unlicensed and non-bonded vigilante, but Johnny Saturn II has complied with the law. 
Wheaton Warriors: a relatively new minor league baseball franchise. 
Wissenschaft Inc.: This is a division of Synn Tech that is operated by Dr. Wissenschaft, and it owns much of Spire City’s medical establishment, as well as illegal cybernetic labs around town and the human organ black market. Wissenschaft Inc: Up to a year ago, this company owned Spire City’s healthcare network, the Spire City Gazette, several television stations, and the NBA team the Spire City Ferrets.  After Dr. Wissenschaft’s apparent death, the company was mostly subsumed by Synn Tech, a multinational conglomerate based out of Brazil. Wissenschaft Inc.’s odds and ends that escaped the takeover are still substantial, and it still owns several hospitals, television stations, a national trucking firm, and a controlling interest in the Spire City Ferrets.  To illustrate its continued presence in Spire City and the considerable economic power it still hold, the company’s stockholders have seen fit to build Wissenschaft Plaza. In the 1970’s, he founded Wissenschaft Inc, funded by his old ally and one-time protégé, Gerhard Synn (a Nazi war criminal who had relocated to Brazil and founded the multinational Synn-Tech). Dr. Wissenschaft has made Spire City his base of operations since the late 1980’s, and he continues his horrific experiments on the city’s ample homeless population and Mole People. Through Wissenschaft Inc., he owns Spire City’s medical establishment and its second largest paper, the Spire City Gazette. , all the city councilment, and most police Owns numerous satelites 
Wissenschaft Prosthetics: A division of Wissenschaft inc., housed in Wissenschaft Plaza.