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Homeland Insecurity

Johnny Saturn: Homeland Insecurity


by Scott Story (Writer/Artist) and Benita Story (Writer/Editor)

Being a superhero isn’t all it’s cut out to be.

That’s what Greg Buchanan finds out after donning the Johnny Saturn mask. Couple that with being a manic-depressive cop with a death wish and being Johnny Saturn II is near impossible.

Dr. Karl Wissenschaft is out to destroy everything and everyone in Spire City. To stop him, Greg’s death wish becomes his mission: killing the doctor before the city perishes.

Pseudo-science, magic, zeppelins, cyborgs, and zomborgs abound as Johnny Saturn takes to the streets to rid Spire City of the doctor permanently . . . or die trying.

Welcome to the end of the Age of Heroes.

Welcome to the rise of the new metaheroes that come after that.


Welcome to Homeland Insecurity.

This graphic novel also contains the bonus, in-continuity novelette, Being Johnny Saturn.



Johnny Saturn.

It’s ancient mythology with modern-day superheroes in the Midwest.

Enter a world of high-flying trendy metahumans who live like celebrities, while beneath the skies lurks a shadowy, back-alley realm where mystery men, who only rely on their fists and wits, wage lonely and violent wars on crime.

Blending horror, conspiracy theory, superheroes, and the paranormal, Johnny Saturn is a comic book series like no other and will ignite your imagination page-to-page.



Though they dominate print comics, long-form superhero stories are a minority among webcomics. Scott and Benita Story are pioneers of the form, having published Johnny Saturn for over nine years, building a dense and complex mythology around their titular hero. They are an inspiration to fellow creators like myself, proving that long-form superhero webcomics can not only succeed, but thrive!—Shawn Gustafson, Writer, The Specialists

The best way to describe Johnny Saturn other than “high-flying, celebrity superheroes, masked, old-school vigilantes and mystery men” is that it’s like a hardcore “Flash Gordon” with costumes in hard-hitting, non-stop action—Richard E. Dominguez Creative Administrator at Red Anvil Comics, Sketch Card Artist at Cryptozoic Entertainment and CEO & Founder at Azteca Productions, LLC

Scott Story captures light from the age of superheroes, adds in layers of harsh reality, fills his world with righteous metaheroes and twists your childhood escape until we are forced to see its inner guts. Johnny Saturn gives us a look at extreme measures, lives with a higher purpose and, because of it, much greater tragedy. It is the unexpected. Engaging, fun, and without compromise—Peter Palmiotti, Human Art Studio

Johnny Saturn is the sort of oddball superhero comic that could only come from the fever dreams of an independent artist’s mind. Scott and Benita Story’s work is unencumbered by the influence of CEOs and editors-in-chiefs. Johnny Saturn is Batman through the looking-glass, a meth-induced tights and capes nightmare. Oh, and it’s a hoot too—Kenn Minter, Near Mint Press Books

Johnny Saturn is near and dear to me as a fellow creator. The journey for the heroes hasn’t always been fair, and that is what makes THESE characters stand out. Scott has done a wonderful job creating flawed characters that pique the readers’ interests and keep them coming back for more—Roshawn D. Rochester, Writer/Creator Anatomy of War

Johnny Saturn is one of the greatest indie comic series.’ I highly recommend the entertaining stories and wonderful art of Mr. Scott A. Story—Frank Dirscherl, creator of The Wraith Dread Avenger of the Underworld

Johnny Saturn has the feel of the old “Mystery Men”-type comics but updated with a modern, gritty realism. This street hero is not afraid to kill if he feels it necessary, but he’s no Punisher either. Nice balance there Scott and Benita—Victor Daniel, creator of The Vanguard



If you enjoy characters who put everything on the line, Johnny Saturn is your comic. Both the heroes and villains that Scott and Benita write are rarely satisfied with doing things half-way: in the poker game of power and life itself, they regularly go all in—Robert Pearson

Johnny Saturn as a character has so many layers that readers can relate to and feel involved with, so much more than “mainstream” characters that cannot go as deep. This story will pull at your heart-strings and leave you turning every page wanting more. I have become a Johnny Saturn Junkie—Robert Tedeschi

I remember being introduced to Johnny Saturn sometime in, I think, 2006 part way through issue 01, with the words “This is the greatest webcomic you will ever see”. I remember thinking “that is a bold claim.”  It was right.  Through reading Johnny Saturn, I gained a new understanding of the entire comic book culture, was able to see what it is about superhero comics that has such appeal to so many people—a long term reader

Johnny Saturn has everything you could want in a superhero yarn: a two-fisted, never-say-die hero; delightfully crazed villains; and a deep mythology that delivers new twists at every turn. Even at its most brutal (and it can get pretty darn brutal), it never loses that goofy, over-the-top exuberance that made most of us fall in love with the genre in the first place. Scott and Benita are up to something special here—J Kevin Carrier

Scott and Benita Story’s Johnny Saturn takes you into a world of superhero adventure with characters, settings and themes somewhat more relatable to the real world where we live. The hero is tough as nails, and the story is a truly enjoyable read—Dan Sehn

You think being a hero is all about the tight underwear and glorious flying events overhead viewed by an adoring public. Try pain, grit, grime and hard worn morals; hardened arteries and a harder-edged world than your wildest speculations. Johnny Saturn is gritty as hard-boiled shoe leather. No glory here, just a story about a good heart that won’t give up—Thomas