Q. What is Johnny Saturn?

A. Johnny Saturn is a comic that has been running as a webcomic since 2004, and has also been published in print by Story Studios LLC as single issues (six so far) and a graphic novel (one so far).

Q. What age group is Johnny Saturn written for? What movie rating would you give it?

A. If Johnny Saturn were on TV, it would run on basic cable. If it were a movie, it would be PG13. There’s no nudity or cursing, but it can get violent and often features weighty themes.

Q. Where can I buy Johnny Saturn? What about other Johnny Saturn merchandise?

A. All available Johnny Saturn merchandise is available here on www.johnnysaturn.com. You can also go to www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, and many other online merchants to purchase our graphic novel, “Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father.” We have Johnny Saturn apparel, bags, and mugs available through this site or on our Café Press Store.

Q. Can I go to a comic book store and buy your books? How about Bookstores?

A. Yes and no. Some comic shops have carried Johnny Saturn, but the shelf life of single issue comics is pretty limited. You can go into just about any bookstore and special order “Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father.”

Q. Do you do all the art yourself?

A. Scott does all the penciling and inking himself. He does most of the colors, too, with the exception of Lula Borges’ contributions in book 1 and book 2, John Rauch’s colors on the cover of book 2, and Ian Sharman’s coloring on Book 6.

Q. When did you first start drawing?

A. Much like most kids, Scott drew a lot when he was young, then quit when he grew up. He began seriously working on his art skills when he turned 30 years old.

Q. How did you learn to draw like that?

A. Scott likes to say that he is self-taught, but a great many How-To books fit into the mix, and for the last several years he has also gone to Open Studio at the Indianapolis Art Center to study the human form.

Q. Who were the artists who influenced you the most?

A. The list includes, but is not limited to, the following: Al Rio, Alex Ross, Alphonse Mucha, Bruce Timm, Frank Frazetta, Frank Miller, George Perez, Gil Elvgrin, Gil Kane, Greg Horn, John Buscema, John Byrne, John Romita Jr., Joseph Linsner, M.C. Escher, Mike Mignola, and Norman Rockwell.

Q. What materials do you use to draw your comics? Do you use a computer?

A. Scott draws the original pages on Blue Line Pro two-ply Bristol board. He uses a variety of lead holders, but does most of his drawing with 4H leads. He inks with Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes (mostly with size 2, but some with size 1 as well), and he uses Higgens or Koh-i-noor ink. He erases with kneaded erasers. He occasionally uses technical pens and marks for backgrounds and technical stuff.On the computer, Scott colors with Photoshop CS3, and he makes many backgrounds in Google Sketchup. His hardware includes an 8” x 10” Intuos 2 Wacom tablet, a Belkan n52te game controller.Benita letters in Photoshop CS3.

Q. The artist draws everything, and then the writer comes back and puts words in the little balloons, right?

A. Wrong. The writer creates the plot, invents the characters, and then writes the script. The artist then draws his pictures based on the writer’s script. The letterer then letters the art, referencing the writer’s script as well.

Q. Do you write full scripts or Marvel style?

A. Benita writes full scripts, and Scott writes Marvel style.

Q. Where do you get your ideas?

A. That’s the easy part! Every idea we come up suggests ten times as many ideas. Good settings and well-defined characters are idea generating machines, in a way. Come up with a simple premise, and a game of “what if” will suggest thousands of paths for you to explore in a fictional setting. Scott and Benita also get ideas from the world around them: Anything unusual is fair game!

Q. You two co-write this comic—How do you work together? Who creates what?

A. Scott and Benita work together closely, so it’s very difficult to determine who came up with what idea. Sometimes one will have an idea, and other will develop it. There is no way to characterize who writes what type of scene or character, really. Scott and Benita often work out ideas in free-form “what if?” sessions, then they divide up who will write which scene.

Q. Are there lots of plot arguments over the dinner table?

A. You are assuming we have a dinner table—Sorry! The answer is “No,” we have never disagreed on plot points.

Q. You make a webcomic, but do you also publish print comics?

A. Indeed we do.

Q. Who is your publisher? Are you self-publishing this?

A. Story Studios LLC is a publisher created specifically to publish the creative works of Scott Story and Benita Story. Scott and Benita self-publish through Story Studios, LLC.

Q. Is this your first book?

A. “Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father” is our first book distributed to the mass market. In the Direct Market, which caters to specialty comic shops, we have published six issues of the Johnny Saturn comic, as well one black & white preview issue, a Johnny Saturn Pinup Gallery, and two calendars.

Q. Can I submit my book to you for possible publication?

A. Not at this time.

Q. Is Johnny Saturn autobiographical?

A. No. Scott is not Johnny Saturn, and Benita is not Persephone. On the other hand, we write what we know, and the comic represents many of our views and experiences.

Q. How did you get your professional start?

A. Soon after Scott began seriously drawing, he began to take illustration work and drawing for independent comic publishers.

Q. Can I do a guest strip?

A. Sorry, but no. Johnny Saturn has a tight continuity, and episodic comics like Johnny Saturn really aren’t made for guest strips.

Q. Can I use Johnny Saturn characters in my own comic?

A. No, not without written permission from Story Studios, LLC. “Johnny Saturn” is part of our intellectual property, and we are very careful about how and where these characters are used.

Q. If it is posted on the web, it’s in public domain, right?

A. Absolutely not. If you are under that impression, then you need to do some research on copyright law.

Q. Is Johnny Saturn available for licensing?

A. Contact us if you are interested in licensing Johnny Saturn for toys, games, video games, or optioning Johnny Saturn for movies or television.

Q. Do you ever make appearances at comic conventions?

A. Not as many as we would like. Locally, we’ve been known to make store appearances and do signings on Free Comic Book Day or other events. Regionally, we appear at Chicago Wizard World every year, as we have for over a decade.

Q. How can I help spread the word about this fantastic series?

A. There are many ways you can help us keep Johnny Saturn alive!

  • Fan Art
  • Post links to us
  • Post reviews on books on Amazon.com
  • Review our comics on your site or magazine
  • Interact with us on the blog
  • Mention us on forums you frequent, and post links and link graphics to us when you are able
  • Vote for us any or all of the comic top sites, such as the Webcomic List, Buzz Comics, Vote Topwebcomics, Online Comics, or Frumph’s Webcomic List.
  • Nominate us for industry and web awards
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