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An Atlantean priestess wove a simple ritual over an altar that supported a crystal skull. She and it were on top of a step pyramid or ziggurat, as was an igigi (later called gray aliens) and a long-skulled hybrid priestess. In the sky there were three alien vessels of the classic “top hat” flying saucer type, and the burning winged planet Nibiru. In the background there were lines carved into the desert very similar to the later Nazca lines of Peru; a step pyramid, a sphynx with a man’s head and hybrid-style long skull; a step pyramid with a temple on top that seems similar to the later Greco-Roman temples; a short aisle of golden sphinxes; and the tall statue commemorating an unknown portly figure. The narration went something like this: eleven thousand years ago, when the Ice Age was ending, the Atlantean Elders knew that Atlantis would not survive the coming earth changes. They had seen this before, when their Hyperborean ancestors watched Ultima Thule disappear forever. While it was too late for the Atlanteans themselves, they included the keys for the peoples of the future to save the planet, to reboot the world, and save it from all the damage man had done to it. Atlantis would perish, but not mother earth.