Thanks for being patient with us, everyone!  Benita had a cold, then a sinus infection, then I got a cold… I think you get the basic idea.  By last Sunday, I knew I had lost too much time to finish the new JS episode in time, and I knew we’d have to have a short delay.  In case anyone wonders, both Benita and I are on the mend.

You already know about our Zazzle store, but I also would like to draw your attention to our print store on Deviant Art.  Many of you don’t know about my long history with fantasy-themed art, and I’m rolling out pictures of wolf wizards, vampire demigods, ornately clad wizards, and much more. I’m really proud of this material, and I invite you to take a gander and perhaps buy some of our merchandise.

Remember, if you have a favorite player character from Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, and so many more, I’m available for inexpensive commissions. See them rendered in my style! Genre not an issue.  Email me at scottstory at yahoo dot com for more!