Drawing these “Escher” Space drawings is a fun challenge, and I’d like to say that I’ve learned a lot more about perspective by breaking the rules.  I would also like to note that the last episode, with its flashback, is going to become more common as the comic progresses.  That’s because sometimes a lot of issues (and time) go by without mentioning a plot element, and it helps readers to remind them what the heck we’re talking about here.  There are a few readers here who know the comic as well as Benita and I do, seemingly, but they are the happy exceptions.

Reminder: I’m opening up for commissions, and I’ve still got several slots left.  I’m talking about 11 x 14 inked drawings on bristol board of one character, no-background, for $30.00 paid in advance by Paypal. Adding characters and backgrounds raises the price, as does increasing the size to 11 x 17. Send me a message at scottstory at yahoo dot com, and we’ll get going with this. First come first served. Possibilities of what you want drawn are wide open, including your own original characters from comics or role-playing games. No hardcore, please.

Notice: I’ve got a new interview on the Sketch Magazine Podcast. These guys are long-time friends, and I feel pretty good about how it went. Go listen!