“Johnny Saturn,” it’s like mythology, with superheroes, in the Midwest.

Welcome to the world of Johnny Saturn, a street-level avenger at the end of a long, brutal career. This is a world of high-flying, trendy superheroes who live like celebrities, and a shadowy, back-alley world where mystery men, those old-school vigilantes who rely on their fists and indomitable wills, wage lonely wars on crime. “Johnny Saturn” is a heady blend of horror, conspiracy theory, superheroes, classical mythology, and the paranormal.

“Johnny Saturn” has been in print and running as a webcomic continually since 2005. This comic is PG 13, containing fantasy violence and, occasionally, rough language.

Thematically, “Johnny Saturn” is based on the question of which is superior: great intellect and the will to succeed at any cost, or martial arts and superpowers?



In the 2008 Webcomics Readers Choice Awards, Dr. Synn won 1st place antagonist, and Johnny Saturn won 3rd place protagonist.



“Johnny Saturn” has been widely reviewed, and here is what some of them say:

  • Kurt Anthony Krug in “The Comic Buyers Guide” gives “Johnny Saturn” 3 ½ stars out of 4, and states “You’d swear this title were published by one of the larger companies instead of by Scott Story and his wife, Benita.”
  • Brant Fowler in his column Indy-Pendant on Comic Avalanche writes that “Story’s writing is classic and timeless, and fun yet smart. His art is beautiful, dynamic and energetic.”
  • John Wilson in his column Graphic Content on Comic Related says that “In an era of over processed, over rendered and generally overblown art, it is refreshing to see line work and style that harkens back to the best days of the Silver Age.”
  • Joshua Pantalleresco of Indy Spotlight wrote “As for the art, Story is amazing. His pencils are crisp and are some of the best I’ve seen.”
  • According to Ariel Carmona Jr. on Silver Bullet Comics, “…Saturn is a tour de force and well worth reading.”
  • Bob Freeman on Byte Marks gives Johnny Saturn 4 out of 5 stars, saying “Johnny Saturn, in summation, rocks.”